Which Nike shoes can be found at Aliexpress?

Nike replicas from Aliexpress are generally of good quality

I have previously made some Aliexpress reviews of different shoes. Nike replicas are, however, very popular and I will try to find all the different models available on Aliexpress.
I think fake Nike shoes from Aliexpress are of good quality and they almost always earn good reviews. The price range is from 20$-100$, depending which model you like. Freerun, Roshe Run and other running models are the cheapest and the Air models and less common replicas tend to be more expensive. I will also regard people to contact me if you would like to have pictures of your replica shoes or other Aliexpress.com items published on my blog. This way, it will be easier for everyone to find the best replicas..

Most popular Nike shoes from Aliexpress

fake shoes aliexpressRoshe Run models are the most popular replica shoes at Aliexpress at the moment. It makes sense, since they are pretty cool and there are a whole range of different kinds available. Nike Freerun shoes take second place at the moment but there are many different Free Run models and if you add them all together, they would be first. Third most popular are the Air Max models. Again there are many different models.

Finding different fake Nike models at Aliexpress.com

It is faily easy to find the specific model you want at the Aliexpress Homepage. Never type in Nike but type in the model you search for. If I want to find a Nike Free Run 5.0 shoe – Simply search for “Free Run 5.0

Here are the most popular Nike shoes I have found replicas of at Aliexpress:

Some replica Nike shoes have unfortunately become difficult to find which is why I recommend you to pay DHGate.com a visit. The site is just like Aliexpress. Prices are same but replicas are still easy to find. Search for the model name and do not include “nike” in it.

There are probably more fake Nike models to be found at Aliexpress.com and I know many of the shoe names cover many different models. If there is a specific model you search for, just leave out the Nike when searching at Aliexpress. You will have to investigate the results a little, since many shops use the same search terms for their none branded shoes. Please feel free to notify me, if I have forgotten some of the important models.

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