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Fake Pandora jewelry

Pandora is a global company which started in Denmark and has stores in more than 55 countries worldwide. In total there are more than 420 Pandora branded stores in the world. Pandora designs bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, charms and much more for ladies of all ages. Pandora’s goal is to design jewelry that expresses the woman’s personality. This is especially made possible by the large range in charms that can be combined in many ways. Pandora designs jewelry at a price that should be affordable for most people.
Because I am a guy, I do think the Pandora jewelry is fairly expensive. A charm costs everything from 20-100$ depending on the material. Most of their jewelry is made from silver – I don’t know the quality hereof.

Fake Pandora charms from Aliexpress

Pandora Charms Aliexpressfake pandora charms
I recently bought many different replica / fake Pandora charms at Aliexpress for my girlfriend. Even though I don’t know much about jewelry, I think the quality seems pretty okay. The weight is of course not the same, since the genuine Pandora jewelry is made of silver and the fake jewelry is made of metal – It is not made of nickel which many people are allergic to which also counts for my girlfriend.

The price for fake Pandora charms at Aliexpress also depends on the material. You can buy beads / charms made of metal and these cost practically nothing. You can, however, also buy fake charms / beads made of silver and then the price is around 50% off.

You don’t have to buy fake Pandora charms at Aliexpress. Many shops offer beautiful no name branded beads / charms made to fit Pandora’s brand. These can also be bought in sterling silver or another metal of your choice.

Other fake Pandora jewelry from Aliexpress

fake pandora jewelry
You can of course also buy fake bracelets, rings and necklaces (Bamoer Jewelry – Best jewelry store at Aliexpress) from Pandora at Aliexpress. The quality is quite good, judged on the feedback it gets.

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