Fake polo shirts from Aliexpress

I have recently received a fake Hugo Boss Green polo and a Lacoste polo from Aliexpress. The quality was almost similar to the genuine ones except for one single but very important thing. Unfortunately the logo was far bigger on the fake polo than what you see on the genuine. Everything else was superb but I have over the last couple of years received many polos from Aliexpress and there are some huge differences in the quality you receive. it has mostly been Ralph Lauren polos I have ordered but nonetheless I think the issues with polos are the same across all the counterfeits from Aliexpress

Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are one of the hottest brands and has been very popular in the last several years. You can therefore buy everything from small pony polos or Burberry polos to the more exclusive styles and limited edition polo shirts at Aliexpress. But how do you spot if the polo you want to buy is good or bad quality? In this post I will give some clues so you can avoid paying the price for a bad fake Ralph Lauren or other branded polo.  There are lots of things that you can look for if you are about to buy a Ralph Lauren polo or other fake branded polo at Aliexpress.com

fake polo shirts aliexpress

Guide to fake polo shirts at Aliexpress

Tips to spotting a bad counterfeit at Aliexpress – many sellers at Aliexpress.com has pics of their counterfeit products. If they are not dispayed you can ask for them in the live chat.

1: The feedback is one of the most important things to check. Especially the bad feedback is very important to be aware of. If the same issue is mentioned in the feedback section several time, it often means that it is true.

2: Most of the good fake polos cost more than 20$. The ones that cost less is normally not made from 100% cotton which the genuine are made of. Some of the fake RL polo shirts I have received are almost transparent because of the thin polyester / elastane / spandex fabric.

3: As I mentioned in section 2 the genuine Ralph Lauren polo shirts are made of 100% Cotton and I am pretty sure all branded polos are made from 100% cotton. Many of the false polo shirts are 100% cotton as well, but in recent years fake polo shirts have appeared , wherein the composition of the materials vary. Some 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, others 95% Cotton and 5% elastane. These you should not buy because they are very bad counterfeits and no genuine branded polos state this!

4: Look at the logo on the chest. Logos are always very detailed on the good replica polos, and is always in one color. It’s whether it’s small pony polo shirts, Boss polo shirts or other branded models. So you have to look at the details, since it is here that you will see a difference. However, this point is easiest to spot if you have a true comparison. You can also find pics at the internet to compare with.

5: Good fake polos are made of very fine cotton, with only small holes. By sewing the polo in this way, then it becomes soft, and it is much more comfortable to wear. Many false has holes which are substantially greater than the originals. But it can be very hard to spot if you do not have anything to compare with.

Fake polo shirts Aliexpress

Shops selling some quality polo shirt replicas

Cindy’s shop has some very good Big Horse Ralph Lauren polo fakes

More shops will follow… If you know some good polo shops please let me know..