Fake Sony PS4 controllers Aliexpress

Fake PS4 controllers from Aliexpress

I used to game a lot and didn’t have much money for original Sony PS4 controllers which are quite expensive. I ordered a couple of cheap fake PS4 controllers from Aliexpress and they actually worked alright. There were a few very small differences but unless you are like a pro PS4 addicted player, you won’t take notice of these.

There is a big selection at Aliexpress when you are looking for PS4 controllers and gamepads. Many are just a Chinese brand compatible with PS4 and XBOX but some are Sony knockoffs.

Finding fake sony PS4 controllers at Aliexpress

There are different ways of finding these. No shops show logos anymore, which makes it a little tricky to spot which are knockoffs and actually come with the logo on when you order them. Sometimes you can read it from the product text but it is quite more easy just to chat and ask the seller. BUT first you need to find the fake PS4 controllers and to do this you simply search for:

You will soon see that there are lots of fake controllers to choose from and now you only need to choose a shop to buy from. Choose one with positive feedback for the specific product you are looking at. Also check out the sellers overall feedback. I won’t recommend a single shop since some shops selling counterfeit products are removed all the time and the link will become invalid. But it should not be difficult finding a trustworthy shop at the moment with so many sellers to choose from.

The price for an original dualshock 4 PS4 controller is around 60$ and the knockoffs sell for around 20-30$ incl shipping. They are a lot better than the price and I would definitely buy 2 of these instead of 1 original.