Fake Ralph Lauren t-shirt from Aliexpress

Fake Ralph Lauren t-shirt from Aliexpress

This is a review of a fake Ralph Lauren t-shirt i just received today. The price was 13.40$ including shipping from china. This is one of the more expensive t-shirts I have bought, when you consider the average pricing for fake t-shirts at Aliexpress. So my expectations were high.

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Fake ralph Lauren t-shirt

How to spot a fake Ralph Lauren t-shirt?

Well by first impression it actually looks pretty good. It is a nice t-shirt in a good quality. But there is one thing that makes this replica t-shirt different from a genuine Ralp Lauren – the size! I own a genuine Ralph Lauren t-shirt and it is size L. I need to buy I size xl in order to fit the Chinese Ralph Lauren t-shirts. This is common for fake t-shirts on Aliexpress. So remember to buy a size bigger than your regular fit.

Right now a good shop to buy a fake Ralph Lauren t-shirt is Mini Mir shop.
If you buy cheaper knock-offs, there are a whole range of other things that brings the evidence to light. To name a few: Thickness of the fabrick, quality of the logo and stitches that are bad. As an example of that I would not recommend anyone to buy fake Ralph Lauren Polos less than 10$ on Aliexpress. They suck big time! Extremely thin fabric and I can’t even tell what they are made of. Worst of all is the sizing. Im an average male (182 cm and weighs 81 kilograms) and the 3xxl was far too small for me.
I am actually still looking for some nice fake Ralph Lauren polos I can buy. If anyone knows any good shops on Aliexpress for this, please let me know!

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Is all Ralph Lauren clothing from Aliexpress fake?

Well, yes most likely. I have seen genuine branded clothing on Aliexpress but at same retail prices as the US or European shops. Why risk buying something expensive when it might be fake. If you are looking for some genuine US European brands, do not use Aliexpress. Aliexpress should only be used to buy Asian brands, unbranded products or knockoffs. Then you will get a really good price.. Do not think you can buy a real Ralph Lauren polo for 10-20$ or a genuine Les Paul Gibson Guitar for 350$.