Shoes Aliexpress – real vs fake

Shoes Aliexpress – real vs fake

This post is a general guide about fake shoes from Aliexpress and issues that fake shoes might have. Nike and other brands make so many different shoe models today which are available at, so it will be physically impossible to create a guide that only covers some of them. There are some differences in quality at Aliexpress concerning different models such as Nike models, Adidas models, Reebok models and so on. Both in design but also on the characteristics of real vs fake. Actually Nike makes so many variations that you can not even make a general guide for this one brand. It will require several special guides, which cover the part of each model that have some common characteristics.
This guide will simply try to find the general issues with fake shoes!

Typical differences between genuine and fake shoes

Although there are many websites where you can see if a pair of shoes are real or fake depending on the style and model there are a lot of things going again across most models. Below is a small list of the most common errors on fake shoes. Some models are worse than other. Nike shoes such as Nike Free, Nike Roshe Run or Roshe One have almost no flaws but models such as Nike Air Max 90′ have a lot. Often you can see the feedback at Aliexpress whether the model you want is a good replica. Good feedback mostly equals a good quality replica shoe.

Wrong colors: It is probably the mistake occurs most often. Many fake shoes such as Nike and Adidas have a slightly wrong color somewhere. Often you will only reacognize it if you have a comparison. It may be:

  • Wrong color logo
  • Wrong color soles
  • A shoe which is never made in that color (this error seen really often)
  • Wrong color laces
  • Wrong color toe or heel

Wrong locations: The second most seen errors are incorrect placements of details on the shoes. It may be:

  • Misalignment of the Nike logo
  • Improper placement of the laces
  • Improper placement of text or engravings
  • Improper placement of sizes or text on the sole inside

Wrong codes: The last thing that often appears is something more technical and requires either knowledge or insight into Nike’s systems. But Nike is often very helpful if you have questions about these. It may be:

  • Wrong model code
  • Wrong name – None existing model
  • Wrong barcode or label
  • Wrong production country

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Finding the best knockoffs at Aliexpress

By using the tools that the official websites the brands have as well as the dealers’ websites provide vs the pics and feedback at Aliexpress. Then it is sometimes simple and easy to figure out the most differences in real vs fake. For the majority of the shoes which are copied in China each model have their deficiencies in relation to the original shoe.

Although this guide does not identify directly points on each model then I hope this general knowledge help to spot the worst mistakes and in the end to help you finding the best replica shoes at Aliexpress.

There may come later on some guides that address the specific Nike styles and models, but since it requires much research, then these guides wait a bit.

Last I think most fake shoes at Aliexpress are very precise knockoffs and I buy all my shoes from Aliexpress because the quality and selection is better than any other site or shop I have ever encountered.

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