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Finding Quicksilver and Billabong etc Aliexpress

Quicksilver, Ripcurl and Billanbong are among the surf and skate brands that are quite easy to find at Aliexpress.com. Instead of using acronyms, it is easier to use other terms and then take a look at the results. You will get many good results for other brands besides fake Quicksilver and Billabong shorts / clothing.

6 good search terms for skate- surf clothing at Aliexpress

  1. Board shorts men
  2. Skate brands men
  3. Surf brands men
  4. Beach shorts men brand
  5. Hoodie skate
  6. Bermuda shorts 

There are several more options. Just mix them and if you need women’s brands, just type women instead of men.. Same goes for the type of clothing you are looking for. If you search for t-shirts, then type t-shirt instead of shorts.

Ripcurl shorts Aliexpressripcurl Aliexpress
If there are any specific brand you are looking for within surf and skate clothing, then please let me know and I will try to find more specific acronyms. But these search terms gives a lot of results for fake / replica Billabong and Quicksilver clothing.

I will update this if I get in some new info regarding this topic. So please comment if you have some important info about fake surfer and skating clothing, which you would like to share..