Fake Yeezys – 550 Boost replicas for sale at Aliexpress

Fake Adidas Yeezy 550 Boost for sale at Aliexpress

Fake Yeezy 550 sneakers are already available for sale at aliexpress. Yeezy 550 Boost sneakers have not even been released yet but you can already buy them at Aliexpress. I don’t know the exact release date but they are rumored to come out before summer. Fake Yeezys are popular sneakers. No wonder, since a pair of genuine Yeezy Boost sneakers cost a fortune. I have previously made Aliexpress reviews of the following fake Yeezys, if you like them more:

Quality of fake Yeezy sneakers from Aliexpress

The fake Yeezy 550 sneakers, are like the other fake Yeezys available at Aliexpress, quite okay. There are differences compared to the genuine Yeezys. There definitely also should be, thinking of the price difference. But if you have no intention of selling them on as genuine sneakers, you should definitely buy a pair. They are real comfy and from distance they look nice. I like the Yeezy 350 Boost pirate black the most of all the fake yeezys. But the 550 Boost I like the most in grey edition, even more than the fake 350 Boost sneaker in grey.

How to find fake Yeezys at Aliexpress

I am actually quite surprised how easy they are to find at Aliexpress. Considering how difficult it is to find some other fake Adidas and Nike shoes. Below I have listed a couple of search terms which at the moment will give some good results. The picture main picture from this post is the fake Yeezy 550 Boost in grey I got from Aliexpress and the Pirate Black ones are from the same seller. He supplied me the picture of the black ones. He is on WhatsApp, if you need more pictures of his fake Yeezys.

Like all other sellers who do sell fake sneakers, they tend to get removed from the homepage, so here are some acronyms for fake Yeezys:

I will not list more because that is all you need. Mix the search terms and you will find, what you need. Switch out the 550 with 350 or 750 and these models will come up instead. You could use Boost shoes as well, but you will get results for the Adidas Ultra Boost as well. So I hope you will find yourself a pair of nice fake Yeezys.