Zippo lighter copies from Aliexpress

Cheap fake Chinese Zippo lighters from Aliexpress

The price for a genuine zippo lighter varies a lot depending on the model but prices for the standard ones are around 50-60$. At Aliexpress you can find a whole range of different replica lighters. From fake Dupont lighters to Chiba lighters to fake Zippo lighters. I bought some fake Dupont lighters many years ago and the quality was absolutely amazing. These are a little more difficult to find at the moment (but not impossible) and I though that ordering a fake Zippo was up for a try. I paid 26$ for my replica Zippo lighter but found them as low as 17$.
fake zippo lighter Aliexpress

Fake zippo lighter quality

First of all, I think the looks are very nice. It does seem real and it is a little heavy as well, just like a real Zippo lighter. I tried to change the stone and make a refill which was quite easy, and just similar to the genuine ones. A im pretty happy and I have not had any issues so far.

Finding fake lighter brands / designs at Aliexpress

As you know, the replica items / products are becoming increasingly difficult to find at Aliexpress. Sellers are removed everyday because they sell fake products. All big designers are being replicated within all categories of products and you have to use specific search terms in order to find the products you look for. After having the search terms you need to do some browsing of the results because not all results will fit your demand. But listed below are some terms that will make you find replicated designer lighters.


When you stumble upon a seller of any designer lighter brand, you should contact the shop and they often have a lot more than shown at Aliexpress. They may be able to send you a catalog for you to choose from. After selecting the product you want, they can add it to your Aliexpress basket. I hope this was helpfull for finding lighter replicas or especially a fake zippo lighter.



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