Fidget spinners – The ultimate Aliexpress fidget spinner buyers guide

Fidget spinners Aliexpress

So-called “fidget spinners” have taken the world by storm in recent months and they are sold in buckets worldwide. They are quite expensive in western stores compared to Aliexpress which is why you will find this post interesting.

Fidget spinners are actually so popular that they account for 18 of the 20 most popular toy articles at and also at Amazon.

fidget spinners aliexpressonly $2.72 at

What is a fidget spinner?

But what is a fidget spinner actually? What does distinguish am expensive from a cheap one? Where do you buy them at Aliexpress and how do you use them? That and much more, I will try to explain.

A fidget spinner is a kind of toy that spins around. In the center it has a circular ball bearing, which is usually covered with a lid both above and below. It is on these covers that you hold two of your fingers; Preferably thumb and point or middle finger.

What does fidget spinner mean?

Fidget is an English word the few of us Europeans have in our vocabulary, but the verb fidget can be translated to being restless. Typically in the form of small movements of arms or legs.

And a spinner is something that spins around.

Many believe that such spinners are beneficial for people with constriction difficulties, ADHD, autism, stress, anxiety and other psychological challenges, but here the expert opinions are shared.

What kind of fidget spinners can you buy at Aliexpress?

Besides that it is spinning and you are holding it – the rest of the structure varies. Most common are two or three leaves that protrude, but there are also many other variants, where there may be more protrusions, a whole round plate or other things.

Most common Aliexpress fidget spinners are the ones with three outriggers but there are also many with one or two outriggers.

So, it’s just going to spin around?
Yes, that’s the idea. Hold it between two fingers and use a third finger to speed it up; Either if you use the other hand to give the spinner speed, or one of the free fingers that are free. The latter is something more difficult, but exercise makes a master.

Although, just as a jojo basically goes up and down along a thread, there are many tricks to learn. This also applies to fidget spinners.

How to find the best Aliexpress fidget spinners

if you are new to Aliexpress, this is an important question but luckily it is easy answered. With popular products like fidget spinners there is a lot of feedback from popular spinners to guide you. Choose the model you like with the highest positive feedback.

I have sorted the results HERE so you can browse the most popular Aliexpress fidget spinners.

Cool Aliexpress Fidget spinners

Here are a couple of the most cool spinners in

$16.66 HERE

Fidget spinner

$15 HEREcolourful fidget spinner from China

$17.41 HEREcool fidget spinners Aliexpress

How long are they spinning?

Spinning time is something that varies widely between different spinners, and is something that distinguishes a good and a bad spinner.

A spinner with a good bearing and good balance can spin for quite some time: Typically for over five minutes if you put them on a table. The ones I have seen from Aliexpress have spinner for more than five minutes, which is quite impressive.

But I have also seen fidget spinners in a store that only lasted 20-30 seconds, so here are the differences. Reasonable fidget spinners usually have a ball bearing made by steel.

What is the quality difference between fidget spinners in Aliexpress

Steel ball bearings fidget spinners: A ball bearing in steel is the least expensive variant, where both the balls and the rest of the bearings are made from steel. They are kindly oiled in advance and gives a very smooth “spin” that can almost not be felt in your fingers, but they also spin shorter than some other options. Steel is of course also susceptible to rust if it becomes moist. These are the most normal at Aliexpress and normal variants don’t cost more than $2-3. You can buy them HERE

Full ceramic ball bearings fidget spinners: both balls and the rest of the bearing are made of ceramic material such as silicon nitride (black / gray) or zirconium oxide (white). They spin longer than the steel variant and do not rust. In addition, they provide a more tactile experience, where you feel the spin in your fingers to a greater extent. These cost more but are still very cheap in Aliexpress and you can buy them HERE

Hybrid fidget spinners Aliexpress: There are also hybrid variants, with ceramic balls and steel in the rest of the warehouse. The hybrid variant the bullets are ceramic while the rest of the construction is in steel, is considered by many to be the best solution. It is the one that gives the best spin time of the three; However, after using them for a period of time, the harder ceramic material in the bullets grinds the steel into the bearing. The hybrid solution is less than full ceramic ball bearings, but can also cause rust problems.

You can buy them HERE

Why are some fidget spinners much more expensive than others?

Spinning time has already been mentioned – it depends, among other things, on the quality of the ball bearing and on the construction otherwise. Heavier spinners usually spin longer than those that are easier, and especially if much of the weight is far from the center.

Of course, the material choice also comes in. The cheapest spins are usually made of plastic, but there are also fidget spinners at Aliexpress that are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium and so on, which makes them more expensive.