Finding replica Beats by Dre headphones on Aliexpress and DHgate

Everything you need to know about finding Beats by Dre on AliExpress and DHgate

One year ago I could find replica Beats by Dre everywhere on Aliexpress but finding them right now is almost impossible. When I made this post back in 2015 you could easily find Beats Studio, Beats Solo, Beats Dj Pro, Beats Ear Buds, Beats Monster at Aliexpress.

Why have all the Beats by Dre copies disappeared

It is illegal for the shops to display or sell replicas on Aliexpress. Only a smaller trademarks can be found at Aliexpress these days. Replicas of Dre headphones and other big trademarks have been completely removed since Alibaba hit the stock exchange.

However, I can see on Google that there are many inquiries of “where to find fake Beats by Dre headphones” and yes it is difficult on Aliexpress. Therefore I have decided to update this post a little since there are some Aliexpress alternatives. I you don’t know you should begin using that site if you want to purchase replica Beats by Dre or other famous trademarks.

Finding Beats by Dre at DHgate

DHgate is quite similar to Aliexpress. It is also a portal with many different Chinese vendors selling a wide range of products. I have bought a lot of different products at DHgate and I have not had any serious problems with any of the products yet. As you know from Aliexpress, it is important to pick a seller with a high positive feedback. Both for the shop itself but also for the product you are buying. I have investigated the selection of Beats by Dre at DHgate and found a couple of good shops for you:

Electronics king shop

Electronics king sells many other nice headphones such as Marshall and Bose. A very trusted vendor and you can always contact them for special inquiries regarding other Dre models.

Dongfeng shop DHgate


Searching for Beats at DHgate

You can try and search for some Beats yourself at DHgate. As I told you earlier the portal works like Aliexpress and you cannot just search for beats by dre and expect to find anything. Try leaving out the trademark or altering it. A couple of ideas to searches “dr headphones” or “beat headphones“.

There are many other searches that work and there are normally a pretty high selection of different shops selling especially the studio and solo models.


Is it somehow still possible to find fake beats at Aliexpress?

Unfortunately most shops at Aliexpress selling fake Beats are closed down pretty fast but you can sometimes in a short window of time find a vendor selling them. If you want to search at the Aliexpress homepage for replica Beats by Dre, you should use search terms as b Headphones, dr. headphones, ur headphones, bests. Like on DHgate there are many more searches that could lead to a shop selling replica Beats – go to Aliexpress and search

How do replica Beats actually sound -fake Beats headphones review

replica beats Aliexpress
I would like to provide a short review about replica Beats headphones by Dr. Dre before I talk about the differences to the authentic ones.
These headphones are for hip hop and rap fans who like thumping bass and loud music. The weakest point about Beats are their vocals: Mid and high range vocals are overshadowed by the bass, but fortunately vocals can be boosted using an iPod (under Settings) or in any similar device. Most Beats fans like this style anyway. It is like having a mini subwoofer in your headphones.
The differences between the genuine Beats and the fake Beats are mostly the color on the packaging which is a little darker on the fake ones. The fakes are also missing the TM logo below “by dr. dre” (mostly).
The sound is quite similar and I bet you won’t be able to hear the difference unless you are really into headphones. But people into headphones would probably never buy Beats because you can find far better headphones in that pricerange. Buy them because they look good and if you like heavy bass, and not because you think they are really good headphones.

Best alternatives to Beats headphones at Aliexpress

Another option is to buy some Chinese Beats by Dre lookalikes. Or simply finding an alternative. There are some seriously professional Chinese manufacturers of headphones. I know they are not Beats, which you are probably looking for, but you can buy some seriously good Chinese headphones at Aliexpress:

AWEI makes some really good earphones for sports people. I use them for running and I find them better than many other more expensive brands.

BLUEDIO makes high quality headphones. They look really cool and they use some of the same voice cancelling technology as Bose uses in theirs.

There are many other nice Chinese brands such as Xiaomi who also makes some good alternatives to replica Beats by dre headphones.

I recommend using Aliexpress for alternatives and DHgate for fake Beats!

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