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Here I will post, and you are welcome to suggest, the best Aliexpress deals that are available at the 11/11 Aliexpress sale / shopping festival.  The 11/11 sale last year was the biggest online sale ever. $9.3 billion worth of orders were placed during the 24 hour online shopping festival hosted by Alibaba last year. 42.6% of the gross merchandise volume was generated on mobile devices. A record number of 278 million orders were placed, nearly twice last year’s amount.

Perfect day to order christmas gifts

Because orders at Aliexpress can sometimes take a month to arrive, it is the perfect time for christmas shopping. At no time during the year, products will be cheaper. Whether you need a new phone, tablet, jacket or something for your car, this is the day to buy it! Besides the deals many shops offer coupons for the day which makes the sale even better!
Therefore I will put links directly to the categories and the most popular items and shops will be first. You can preview the best deals per category beneith;

Men and womens clothing sale:
Aliexpress clothing

Electronics sale:
Best deals Aliexpress

Home & Lifestyle sale:
deals aliexpress

Sports & Outdoor sale:
coupons aliexpress

Health & beauty sale:
11/11 sale

Fashion Accessories sale:
11/11 sale Aliexpress

Kids & Mother sale:

Single Best deals from the Aliexpress sale

Here you are welcome to come with suggestions to the best deals you have found. You can post them in the comments section and I will put them here.

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