Finding fake Converse and Converse alike shoes online

Fake Converse shoes and Converse alike shoes are very popular and in this article I will explain you where to find the cheapest and best knockoffs and where to shop for nice “Converse like shoes”.

Converse shoes are pretty easy to manufactor which is why many fake Converse shoes look quite similar to the genuine ones. I used to buy them at Aliexpress but I really can’t find any replicas there anymore. On the other hand Aliexpress has become a good place to shop for “alike” products. There are thousands of shoes similar to the popular Converse shoes and they are also extremely cheap compared to the western prices. But before going more into this I will explain you where you can buy some quality fake Converse shoes

Buying fake Converse shoes online

As I just mentionen above, fake Converse shoes are really difficult to find at Aliexpress which used to be a replica shopping paradise. Luckily there are alternatives to Aliexpress and the best of these is There you can easily replicas of the most popular Converse models.

To make it extremely easy for you, I have found some fake converse shoes at DHGate for you. You can check them out below:

If you wish to browse DHGate yourself for replica Converse shoes, you need to know how the website works in terms of searching. You cant just search for Converse because of trademark laws. This means that you have to search for models or alternative names for the brand. I have made a short list of some of the best search options at DHGate below.

Searching for fake Converse shoes at

  •  All star brand (HERE)
  • Chuck shoes (HERE)
  • Taylor shoes (HERE)

Finding good cheap Converse like shoes at Aliexpress

Maybe you dont like to buy replicated products or you are on the look for shoes that look similar to the popular Converse models like the All Star shoe – You have come to the right place.

You can find thousands of “Converse alike shoes” at Aliexpress and they are very easy to find. Problem is more like choosing a pair out of the many results.

Firstly you should only buy from a trusted shop with a lot of positive feedback. Secondly you need to buy the shoes one size bigger than your regular fit. This is a Chinese website and Asians have smaller feet than westerners.

You can check out Aliexpress’ huge selection of Converse look alike shoes HERE.