Finding sexy lingerie brands Aliexpress

Finding Lingerie like La Perla and Agent Provocateur at Aliexpress

I wanted to buy my girlfriend some really nice lingerie from La Perla or Agent Provocateur for her birthday. I went to several stores in Copenhagen and discovered that these brands are extremely expensive. So I decided to have a look at the possibilities of finding some sexy lingerie at Aliexpress. I did find a lot og super hot lingerie from sellers with a lot of positive feedback but unfortunately no sellers had the size that would fit my girlfriend (65-F). Even in Denmark her size is difficult to find..

Nonetheless, I would like to share my discoveries with. I found some amazing looking lingerie with amazing feedback at very reasonable prices. Could not be any better.. Some of the Aliexpress lingerie is fake brands but if you dont like that, you can normally have the same bras, thongs etc unbranded as well. Most of the lingerie is just lookalikes or similar to the French fashion brands which is just as good. You don´t have to flash of lingerie anyway. As long as it looks sexy I am more than happy.

Cheap Agent Provocateur lingerie Aliexpress

This brand is one of the hottest brands within lingerie and I understand why. Love having my girlfriend wearing this kind of sexy lingerie. Morning or evening, makes no difference. This brand is HOT. Agent provocateur also makes some really hot bikinis which I love to look at as well..

Searching for “provocateur lingerie” gives some results at Aliexpress. But if you search “french brand lingerie“, then you get 165 products you can browse through. Not all are branded lingerie but all looks astonishing and is same style as La Perla and Agent Provocateur lingerie. Chat with the sellers if you don´t know if the lingerie is an unknown brand or a fashion brand like Agent Provocateur or La Perla.


Another very sexy lingerie outfit from Aliexpress. Love this kind of style. To make it even more sexy, you should find some hot garter belts to wear with the lingerie. These are classy and very fashionable at the moment. All girls should wear those.

Garter Belts AliexpressGarter belts Aliexpress

Aliexpress lingerie size guide

Westerners need to go up one size when buying lingerie from Aliexpress. Just like everything, clothing made in China is fitted for Asians. They are a little more petite than Western people. But if you buy one size bigger than your normal fittings it will match perfectly. Most shops have a size table you can use. Another options is to chat with the seller and give him or her your measurements in order for them to provide you with a perfectly fitting set of lingerie.