Gearbest singles day 11.11 sale – coupons and shopping guide

Gearbest singles day sale 2016

The singles day sale at Gearbest is one more of the 11.11 sales that you should not miss out on. Like the Aliexpress singles day sale it is a gigantic sale with huge discounts available. They have made a great effort both to attract new customers and also to please their existing. Here I will show you what to look out for both before the 11.11 sale, where you can get coupons and huge discount on pre-shopping, and on the singles day sale where so many deals are available as well.

11.11 sales storm promo

This promo is running the 7th and 8th of november and here you can coupons, 3 free gifts and products for free by sharing on social media.

11.11 coupons: These coupons available are called Panic Buying Coupons and there are many different ones available from 7-11th november. Each day new coupons will be available. You can grab them now and use them on the singles day sale at Some are popular and they come in limited numbers, so you should go and grab them immediately.

The SJCAM coupon is among the most popular so go and grab it now:

Other very popular coupons include 30% off on Apparel, 15% off on Home and garden (only 22% left) and 13% off on Electronics. So hurry up and get your coupons HERE.

11.11 Gearbest gift rain

In exactly 24 hours from now, the Gearbest singles day gift rain promo will begin.

In order to receive gold coins and win gifts you have to do the following: Simply share on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc and start winning coins:

Gift Rain Tips

1. You can check your gift in your GB Account.

2. Coupons you win from the Gift Rain can only be used from NOV 10 (09:00 UTC) to NOV 16 (07: 00 UTC) inclusive.

3. Share to more channels for an bigger chance to win cool stuff!

Get products for free simply by sharing

Again you can use the social media platforms to win some pretty expensive products at the Gearbest 11.11 sale.

Gearbest Get it Free’s Special Notes:

There are THREE WAYS to share:

  • Copy links to friends (Copy the product links)
  • Share to Social Medias
  • Send invitation emails. Afterwards, tell them to register and complete an order through your link!

*Click “Get it FREE” bottom to share.
*Invite friends to register via you link and complete a payment transaction.
*You get it FREE!

Your friend’s total order value should exceed yours. The purchase of goods can be more than one item, but must be within an order.

Can l share any item at any price?

You can share items below $50. The higher the price of the shared item, the more friends you need to invite and place an order.

Sharing Products Price RangeOrders Required
$0.01 – $3.001
$3.01 – $10.002
$10.01 – $20.003
$20.01 – $50.005
$50.01 – $1000.0010


Other deals on the 11.11 singles day at

There are actually many other things to keep an eye out for when the 11.11 sale at starts. There are deals for both new customers and existing customers. There are HOT BRANDS deals, 0,99$ deals and lots more exiting stuff.

I am actually buying most of my Christmas gifts on the 11.11 sales, since it is bigger, cheaper and better than black friday. I strongly advice you to check it out now HERE.