Gearbest Review

Beneath I have listed the policies of GearBest, and I mean things such as prices, delivery, warranty etc.

Prices: Gearbest prices are average. They have some great deals though.

Shipping: Many smartphones come at no extra cost from their EU warehouse. Delivery from China is also mostly free of cost but you have to think about tax and customs!

Delivery time: Deliveries from their EU warehouse are delivered within 3-6 days throughout Europe. Smartphones from China are send with Express mail Or DHL Shipping (Expedited Shipping) and usually takes 7-15 days to Europe.

Warranty: 12 months warranty (2 years are possible!) (14 days free return, 12 months free repair)

Payment I recommend paying with Paypal or credit card which is also possible!

Order experience; I have already ordered 8 times from Gearbest. Both products from China and also some from the EU Warehouse. Everything is always packed well and delivery has been okay. Not super fast but fast compared to Aliexpress and DHGate.

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Geabest started small but has become reputable and big

Gearbest started selling Chinese smartphones about two years ago. Now they have grown into a large electronics, gadgets and phone shop which is reputable and strives for good customer service and fast deliveries.

Meanwhile they have build a EU warehouse where many smartphones are shipped directly from, at no extra cost. The delivery time is 4-6 days with Gearbest from Europe, in Europe. However, quite long in comparison to other European electronic shops. Order tracking is also provided.

Most buyers review positively. In review sites the support of Gearbest is a lot higher compared to other Chinese companies. This is because of the fact, that your telephones and gadgets are not stuck in the customs. And the fact, that you buy from a big company, not a small seller from China.

What should I look for when shopping at Gearbest?

As with all Chinese shops, I do advise preorders, due to frequent delays in the release of new smartphones. If the desired smartphone is available in the EU warehouse, you will have it at hand a lot faster – Hate waiting for a new telephone. In addition, however, 2 € shipping costs can apply. Products from China should be ordered exclusively with Express mail (7-15 days) in order to ensure a smooth process at customs.

How good is the customer service and the warranty at Gearbest?

Both live chat and email support are available. English would be an advantage, but Google translate is available for live Chat. Defective phones must be sent to China. This is, however, with the DHL Postbrief no real problem and costs with tracking only € 5.50 and takes only 7-11 days! Gearbest customer service is the best service, I have encountered among Chinese shops. You have to pay an additional 10-20% for the products but you will always get it. And the products are always working and not broken upon arrival.

So for shopping gadgets, electronics and phones. I would definitely use instead of Aliexpress or DHGate.

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