Get the best prices and shop instantly with the Aliexpress shopping plugin

Aliprice shopping plugin lets you compare and track prices at

Normally I don’t use extensions for my browsers but I must say that shopping at Aliexpress has just become a lot easier with the Aliprice shopping plugin. With this plugin you can instantly search for products at Aliexpress directly from your browser. BUT what I like even more is the price comparison and price tracking feature. This makes you capable of finding the best deals easily.

Aliexpress shops tend to have savings on all their products but now you can see the price history for specific products instead. This makes it easy to see if an offer or promotion is actually worth buying.

Check out youtube reviews for Aliexpress products

The Aliexpress plugin also gives easy access to Youtube reviews of products. This is a feature that I use a lot. I love checking out product quality at youtube before buying. This is an easy way to avoid Aliexpress scammers..

Also works for DhGate

The shopping assistant also works for This makes you capable of easily comparing prices between the two sites with just a few clicks. I am amazed, since this will ultimately save me time and money. Best plugin I have encountered for a long time.

Which browsers is this amazing shopping assistant available for?

Unfortunately this Aliexpress shopping plugin is not available for all browsers. However, it is available for the best browsers. You can download the Aliexpress browser extension for Firefox, Google Chrome, Yandex and Opera. I only use Chrome and Firefox, since they are the most reliable and functionable browsers.

If you shop a lot at Aliexpress, I will definitely recommend you to try the Aliexpress browser extension plugin. If you don’t like it, you can always delete it again. But it WILL save you time and money and make Aliexpress shopping a lot easier. Go to and download the plugin