Gibson j200 replica from China – updated june 2017

Review of a replica Gibson j200 guitar

Recently I bought a Gibson replica (model j200) from Aliexpress. It was send with Ems shipping and it took around one week for it to arrive. I paid an additional $45 in tax and customs in Denmark and added to the $218 I paid for the guitar (Kevin Shi guitars at Aliexpress) it costed me $263. I chose the classic sunburst look without the Fisher pickup but there are many more “design options” to choose from.

Genuine Gibson guitars are too expensive

Playing guitar is one of my favourite hobbies and own a couple of different guitars already. I tried to play on a real J200 in a guitar shop in Copenhagen and it is still today the best western guitar I have practiced with. Besides it looks amazing. Unfortunately a genuine Gibson j200 costs a lot more than I can afford so when I saw an opening in my budget I had to buy a replicated one.

The j200 looks are spot on and it sounds great!

Most people who plays the guitar knows that a good guitar is rather expensive and $263 isn’t actually much more than a standard average western guitar costs. This meant that I had not set my expectations very high in terms of playability, quality, looks and details. Nonetheless I am very pleasantly surprised by the guitar I received from kevin Shi guitars.

Of course it is difficult to hear the sound of the guitar through words but it is more or less as good as an average western guitar. Not near the original but who would expect that? Still very good though and with a few adjustments even better. The rest of the guitar is amazing. It looks just like a real Gibson j200 and I would really not be able to tell the difference if I did not know it was a fake. It is very professional crafted with all the details spot on. I shot a picture of the replica Gibson guitar with my camera. You can see it below:

Gibson Replicas are generally good bargains

As you can also see on many Youtube videos of replica Gibson guitars, the chibsons generally receive good reviews. Normally they need some small adjustments but then you will get a lot of craft for your money. It is not a real Gibson, I know, but pricewise it is only a tenth of the price. Put up like that the Gibson j200 replica plays 6-7 out of 10 of a real Gibson. So I guess you get seven times as much guitar for the buck. I am sure that almost all the different “chibsons” you can buy are of a high quality provided that you buy it from a reputable vendor.

Avoid getting scammed at Aliexpress

Gibson j200 guitars Aliexpressreplica gibson guitars aliexpress

I have said it many times. Choose a seller with a good feedback score and with an order-history for the product you want to purchase. Remember there are many different vendors on the aliexpress portal and some will unfortunately always try to scam you. If you do your research properly, you can save a lot compared to western retail prices by shopping from China.

How to find replica Gibson guitars from China

Chibsons are easy to find at Aliexpress at I was really happy buying mine from Kevin Shi guitars. Fast shipping and nice guitar – what to complain about. His shop has a very high satisfactory rating as well – Keep in mind this is an expensive product and you don’t want to risk anything with a doubtful seller.

Looking for other guitars? Search for the model not the trademark

Maybe you are looking for a different model or you just want to look at different fake guitars. Best method to find a fake Gibson guitar is to search for the model you are looking for. If you want to find a replica Gibson j200, simply search for “j200 guitar”. Or if you want to buy a fake Gibson Hummingbird, search for “hummingbird guitar“. I guess you get the point by now.

The Gibson guitars are by far the most popular at Aliexpress, even more than the Fender guitar replicas. Beside electric models like the Les paul guitars, the J200 seems to be the most popular model. I also believe it is the best looking western guitar.

Before you start browsing the results, remember to sort the results by “orders” or “seller rating”. This will save you some time since the best shops will come up first.

What else to consider when buying an Aliexpress guitar?

Last thing to check before ordering is the product feedback as well as the seller feedback. Remember also to check the bad feedback to see if there seems to be a general problem with the seller or guitar. Some people leave bad feedback because of problems with clearance in customs. This is your problem, so make sure you know how this works in your country. Kevin Shi guitars (visit his shop HERE) covers the Gibson logos with stickers so it looks like a random Chinese guitar. If the package is opened by customs you will not get in trouble. Pretty neat right?