Gym clothing and weight lifting gear

Gym equipment and weight lifting gear from Aliexpress

I spend a lot of money on gym equipment and weight lifting gear since these products tend to be very expensive. But you kind of need sweat transporting clothing, training shoes, running / training shorts, or pants if it is cold and then you also need a wind protecting jacket. I need it all since I live in cold Denmark. I am used to pay 100$ for a proper full sleeve running shirt and an extra 150$ for a running jacket.

Since all of this adds up I have tried to buy som running / gym clothing and some weight lifting / crossfit gloves from Aliexpress, since these products are very cheap there – like most other products.

Training / running t-shirt  from Aliexpress

I have bought one GymShark training t-shirt (you can read more about Gymshark here) for around 11$ (buy it here). I am wearing it on the picture above..

I have used it for crossfit WOD a couple of times and I love it. It is tight and sweat transporting – meaning my body can breathe even though I am sweating like a pig.

The size I bought was XXL which fits me perfectly (I am 186 cm tall and 85 kilos). It normally works out buying one size bigger than your normal fit.

Weight lifting / training gloves from Aliexpress

These gloves did cost me around 10$ in size XL (buy them here). Size L would have done it as well and I have quite big hands unlike Donald Trumph 😉 The training gloves work their purpose perfectly. They have a good grip for weight lifting and mobility as well for the pull up bar.

Other training equipment from Aliexpress

I am awaiting delivery of a couple of other products related to crossfit, running and weight lifting. All different products are cheap and if you choose a reliable seller the quality will be in top as well.

Good products to buy besides training clothing and running shoes are Speed ropes (check them out) and all the “small” accessories. Just search for Crossfit or weight lifting and navigate the categories in the left sidebar at

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