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Quality, price and types of hair on Aliexpress

Many women have always dreamed of having long and abundant hair. But like most, they have a very fine and thin hair that is striding into pieces as soon as it hits the shoulder. Getting there costs around 600$ in Denmark if you pay a visit to a good hairdressing place. Aliexpress hair vendors are quite cheap in comparison.

Facts and price

Extensions of virgin hair (means that the hair is from one person and unprocessed) from Aliexpress cost from less than 10$ to over 75$ depending on the quality and length. Most of the hair comes ready for weaving. A good quality hair lasts for up to 2 years.
Brazilian “Remy” Virgin hair Aliexpress is actually from India which is, by far, the largest producer / exporter of hair extensions in the world. It is also the highest quality of hair available.

Aliexpress sells many types of hair and there are an unmanageable amount of shops selling hair. I have gathered a couple of the best and most reliable Aliexpress hair vendors here:

Aliexpress Hair Qualities, facts and names

Remy hair
Does this mean that all hairs pointing in the same direction, and therefore the cuticles. This hair is almost always healthy and will with tender care, not filter.
Genuine remy hair is naturally protected, not with a layer of silicone. Since the natural cuticles are healthy in advance. Therefore Remy-hair is considered as the highest quality of extensions.

Non Remy hair
Means that the hairs are pointing in the opposite direction.
India is the largest exporter of this product. In India many villages, collect the hair that traps by natural brushing, in big bags. Hair-factories (mostly from China) pay for and retrieves the hair once a week. This hair is used for the production of non-Remy. A product used in wigs and low-quality extension products. China is by far the largest importer of this quality.
Dandruff layers are exposed in Non-Remy hair. This most often happens when silicone layer is washed away after a few washes. They will then become entangled in each other easily and make the hair dishonest. The majority of non Remy hair is produced from hair that is naturally precipitated by brushing of the hair. The hair will be both dry and cuticle will not lie flat. Therefore the hair is covered with silicone after dyeing to make it usable. Another approach to the problem is to remove the cuticle completely and expose the hair’s cortex. This will not be filtered so easy, but will completely remove the hair’s natural structure.
Non Remy, is the quality that gives the greatest problems of hair extensions today.

Remy Single Drawn (unequal length)
Means that the hair length is uneven as it is only trimmed (pulled) once. Hair length can vary by plus / minus 5 cm.
When we cut our own hair little by little, a woven edge with single drawn, looks the most natural according to the view of many. The hair can always be cut.

Aliexpress Virgin Hair
Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor (the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). The virgin hair is remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. This is the highest quality of hair.

Indian Remy Hair – Virgin Hair Extension – Indian remy
Also known as Indian, “Virgin Hair – when the hair has never been permed, dyed or bleached.
As a religious act in the southeastern parts of India, leaving entire families to shave in Hindu temples in various parts of the country. From the youngest to the oldest in the family. This is to give up their vanity, to the god “Vishnu”. This ceremony is performed in the hope of a better life for all family members. In some of the greatest temples will be cut more than 12,000 pilgrims per day. One of the largest temples, receiving over 18 million pilgrims per year and sells more than 75 tons of hair each year.
The hair used in hair industry derives mostly only from women with hair of a considerable length. The temples selling this coveted hair, and uses the proceeds to charity. Hair from men, children and the elderly, as a rule, not for extensions. Most sent to PRC extracting a protein which has an amino acid called El-Cystine, of the hair.
When the hair is harvested directly from the scalp, the hair is both healthy, well-nourished and all hairs are in the same direction. It is the only time that you have a way of guaranteeing that the hair is remy quality (strands of hair in the same direction), and never has been permed or colored. Hair bundle provided with elastic and sent for further processing.
Since the hair is also healthy, the hair cuticles, lie flat with the hair shaft cortex and therefore feels silky.
This hair is the most sought after for hair extensions in the Western world since the hair Indo-European structure is almost equal to our European hair texture. India is the only country in the world that can supply large amounts of remyhår of this quality and with sufficient long hair, for an expanding western market.
All the major hair producers in Europe and the most and biggest and most exclusive salons, uses mainly, only Indian Remy hair. Most of the hollywood stars we see in the magazines, also uses mostly Indian Remy hair. Partly because. The high quality and partly because the hair structure is almost identical to the European hair texture.
India’s largest export market is China. Then follow the US, Europe and Brazil.
The fact is that the vast majority of these products are in fact Indian hair of varying qualities.

Aliexpress Brazilian hair
Almost all marketed Brazilian hair on the market are of Indian origin. It is sold often with an unnecessary extra cost. Almost all hair from Aliexpress has Indian origin which is good since chinese hair is poor for extensions.
The fact that it is marketed as Brazilian hair, has probably more with the hair structure and appearance to do. Brazilians have no culture to cut their hair for a fee and not on a large scale, almost the opposite.
Brazil is a major importer and consumer of Indian hair. Most used in Brazil but a small part reprocessed and added special recipes conditioner that makes hair soft. Most of the hair sold as Brazilian, however, imported directly from India.
hair aliexpress

Italian and Spanish hair
The main producers in the world of quality remyhår is located in Italy and Spain, and hence the name. The hair they process is, however, mostly Indian hair. They use Indian Remy hair because it is the only place in the world where sufficient quantities of “Virgin Hair – Indian remy”, can be provided.

Chinese hair
Asian Remy hair is thicker and rounder than European hair. This makes the hair straight, and lacks the natural curling which European hair has by natural. Therefore it is considered by many, less suitable for a quality extension in Europe. However, this is a very individual matter of taste.
Fact is also that, China, is the world’s largest importer of Indian hair. They produce extensions of this hair, in very varying qualities.

European – Russian hair
The fact is that the majority of Russian and European hair, is again actually Indian Remyhair. However, in the belief that it is genuine virgin European Remyhair, leads many to pay an unnecessary cost.

A normal scalp contains between 100.000 to 150.000 hairs.
Indo-European hair is approximately 57-90 microns thick.
Asian hair is partly thicker than European hair and can be up to about 120μm thick. However, there may be variations.
Asian hair is more round and thicker. It therefore has a very straight structure.
Indian and European hair is more oval and thinner, which is most often seen in a natural decline in the hair structure.
African hair is more flat and rotate much more on its axis. Therefore it is very curly.

The hair growth rate
Hair grows at a rate of approximately one cm. per. month.
Hair grows slightly faster in winter than in summer.
After one year it is about 12 cm. far.
After five years, it is about 60 cm long.

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