Finding Helly Hansen and other hiking brands Aliexpress

Hiking and mountaineering brands Aliexpress

There are several different hiking and mountaineering brands available at Aliexpress. By this I mean brands such as Helly Hansen (acronym HH jacket) and  Napapijri . There are several other manufactures of hiking and trekking gear and these are all listed in by Aliexpress brand codes table which you should definitely check out, if you are looking for knockoffs in general.

This post will instead focus on finding a bigger selection of fake hiking and mountaineering gear. For this you can use many different acronyms in the Aliexpress search bar which will bring up results for many different hiking and trekking brands. You will, however, always get a lot of results for Chinese brands as well, when using this way of searching. So you will have to browse through the results until you find the knockoff model that suits you.

Logo has been removed from fake products at Aliexpress

Another thing to be very observant about is the fact thet most fake products at Aliexpress have had the logo / brand name removed from the product pictures. Because of this, it difficult to spot what actual brand the replica is replicated from. BUT you should always chat with the seller in the chat function or send him a message. This way you will always be sure about the product you are buying and most times the shops have further knockoff products available which you might also like. If you are on the hunt for a specific product some shops can help you find it.. Maybe they can get it for you or they have friends selling the product. Always have some kind of correspondence with the shops at Aliexpress if you buy more expensive items such as a jacket..

Ways to find replica hiking gear at Aliexpress

In many ways, this is just about being creative when searching. Beneath I have found some good search options when looking for replicated hiking, mountaineering and trekking brands. Mostly jackets will come up but you will also find bags and some other products.

To find more acronyms, be creative and put the above words together in different ways or try finding other words. If you have some good acronyms in mind, please leave them in the comments, so everyone can enjoy them.