Herme belts from Aliexpress vary in terms of quality

I just picked up 2 fake Herme belts from Aliexpress at the local postoffice. At first sight both of them look pretty good but in terms of actual quality there is a big difference – and a difference in price as well. I guess that you receive what you pay for. The expensive one is made of real leather and the cheap belt is made of syntetic leather. The buckle also seems a lot heavier on the expensive belt.

An Herme belt is the most exclusive you can buy

A belt from H Brand costs around 750$ in Denmark and that is just a standard one. If you want one made from ostrich, snake or crocodile leather it is far more. At Aliexpress the price ranges a lot. Mostly it is a question of quality and if you want one made from real leather and an authentic buckle you need to pay at least 35$. The ones that cost less look authentic from distance but as soon as you hold it, or come close, you will notice that it is a fraud.

The expensive replica Herme belt from Aliexpress

H belt AliexpressHerm Belt Aliexpress
The shop offered several different versions of the belt and they all cost around 20$ including shipping. I was in a dilemma whether to choose a belt with different colors on both sides or a normal one. I ended up with the “conservative” black version and I am happy with that. I can always order the other:-). The replica Herm belt is made of genuine leather and comes in “original” packaging and even includes an invoice. Leather is good and details such as sewing and holes were good as well. All in all I am very satisfied with my new replica belt.

Cheap H belt from Aliexpress

If you need a cheap belt, well this it is! It actually looks alright by the distance but it has its tells. It smells of paint and the material is definitely not anything near cowhide. But i expect that you can’t get anything for less than 15$, including shipment costs, that has the authentic Herme feel to it. The seller offers many different replica belts.
H brand belt Aliexpressbelts Aliexpress

If you are looking for replica belts that are exact knockoffs, you should try buying one from PurseValley.cnThose are extremely wellmade replicas but you will pay a lot more. But you will not be able to tell the difference between those and the genuine!

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