High heels shopping at Aliexpress

Finding nice high heels at Aliexpress

There are a million shops selling high heels at Aliexpress and there is not a design you can’t find. Whether you are looking for replica high heels, unbranded high heels that are similar to a famous brand or other fashionable designs, they are all present at Aliexpress.

There are only two important things to be aware of when ordering your favourite pair of high heels from Aliexpress – Size and reliability of the seller. I love shopping for shoes at Aliexpress and I have also bought high heels and pumps for my girlfriend there. Most of the orders have been excellent but especially in the beginning I received some shoes and heels which were useless. Quality was on only one occasion an issue, but shoe size has been a big issue. I have received shoes and heels in sizes I couldn’t use. I suggest you read my Aliexpress shoe size guide which is very helpfull eliminating this problem. To sum it up shortly;”always buy one size bigger than your normal shoe size”.

Best shops for high heels at Aliexpress

As mentioned there are loads of shops selling high heels at Aliexpress. But I sincerely believe that choosing high rated shops, which are focused on selling shoes and heels, will give you the best final result in terms of quality and service.

So I have gathered some shops which I have used and also a couple of shops which you readers have recommended me.

Top Aliexpress high heels shops

Take a look at some fancy heels from Aliexpress from high rated shops:

  • Store:Dong guan Beauty Girl High Heels, Open: 5year(s), Aliexpress high heels 98.6% Positive feedback: My girlfriend actually sells some heels from this specific vendor in Denmark. Service, quality and selection is amazing and they offer dropshipping.
  • Store: Bitter Moon Sexy Fetish High Heels Shop Open:5 year(s), best chinese high heels  97.7% Positive feedback: This shop sells heels and boots for fetishists. They also have a little selection of CLB pumps. I use them because their quality and service is AMAZING and love to see my girlfriend occasionally wearing this kind of outfit!
  •  Store: Chic Shoes Mall Open:2 year(s)24384 best chinese high heels 97.4% Positive feedback: This mall sells not only high heels but footwear for everyone. They are on this list because of their huge selection and the fact that they have become one of the most respected and best selling shops at Aliexpress in just two years.
  • Store:Fashion shoes store.Open:4 year(s), cheap high heels online shop 95.5% Positive feedback: This shop has been recommended by some of my readers. Their selection is stylish, big and also cheap. They respond very fast to inquiries which is a very good sign of trustability.

Tips on finding heels at Aliexpress

Besides looking in a shop catalog I love browsing the results at the Aliexpress homepage. Here are just a few tips I would recommend you to use when searching at Aliexpress

I use the “sort by” and “price” taps a lot. Sorting by seller rating and orders together with the price range gives the best results. All combined you will find the most trustable shops and the most popular products in the first page. This makes it a lot easier to find the good products and you won’t spend as much time avoiding scammers – Go to Aliexpress