ILIFE V7S robotic vacuum cleaner review

Review of the ILIFE V7S robot vacuum cleaner

Automatic robot vacuum cleaners have become very popular for one simple reason. They help clean the house with very little effort. There are some very expensive brands on the market, such as Dyson, but I believe it is a lot more interesting, to see, if there is any value in the very cheap robotic vacuum cleaner models.

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That is why I have taken a look at the best deals of robot vacuums that exist in the Chinese market. There are many other models than the ILIFE V7S robot cleaner but it already has good online reviews. So why not stick to the most reputable from the beginning? And at I found the best price – even cheaper than Aliexpress. If you don´t know Gearbest you should read my review. They are the most reputable Chinese online shop for electronics and gadgets!

The basic idea is, of course, to help clean the house automatically, quickly and with the least effort possible. There are many ways to achieve that, depending on your wallet. But I truly believe that this is a cheap and easy way of doing exactly that.

ILIFE V7S robot vacuum cleaner features and specifications

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• Intelligent drop avoidance induction
IR sensors at the bottom detect the high gap, avoid the dropping, it will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically by inductor.

• Professional anti-collision system
It can better protect the furniture.

• Wet and dry optional
When using dust storage tank box, it becomes a sweeper, when using water storage tank box, it becomes a mop. Wet and dry cleaning ways for your optional.

• Large water tank 
450ml water storage tank, detachable water holes, long working time to use per time.

• 4 kinds of cleaning modes
Automatic cleaning modes, border cleaning modes, concentration cleaning modes, reservation cleaning modes.

• Easy to deal with a variety of environments
Whether it is confetti debris, cigarette butts and ash, or beans and seeds shell, it is easy for you to clean them up. Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc..

• Automatic self recharge
When the power is about to run out, the sweeper can back to recharge with IR induction.

• Less than 60dB low noise mute
Easy to help you solve the noise problem, you can sleep while cleaning.

• Dual filter dust box
Roughing filter and HEPA filter make it filtering all kinds of dust efficiently.

• 8cm slim design
Enable this cleaner working in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corner.

• Dust box capacity: 500ml.
• Water storage tank capacity: 450ml.
• Remote control distance: About 4 meters.
• Charging time: About 300 minutes.
• Working time: About 140 minutes.
• Cleaning coverage: About 80 – 220 square centimeters.
• The remote controller is powered by 2 x AA battery ( not included )

How does the ILIFE V7S work?


The ILIFE vacuum cleaner from Gearbest includes: The robot vacuum cleaner, charging base, remote control, an adapter, a cleaning cloth and various accessories that complement the more advanced features of the robot. This allows it to carry out extended cleaning operations.

It works the same as other robot vacuum cleaners. It has more features, but the method of use is the same. The weight is 3 kg and its heaviness is not noticed in its movements. The sensors are located at its bottom and on the sides. Their aim is to detect dirt, surfaces and obstacles and it does with very good r
esults.  All tasks are completed within a level of 40 and 60 db which is quite good.

The sensors included in the  ILIFE V7S are very similar to those in other vacuums robots. They detect dirt and surfaces and does it very well. Known pressure sensors that detect changes in the environment are included. In addition, they prevent the unit from falling down stairs or to other “dangerous areas.”

The ILIFE robot cleaner uses microfiber brushes that drag dirt to storage compartments. You can include water in one of these to increase the quality of cleaning. The compartment has a dirt capacity of 500 ml. Which includes water, 450 ml. Similarly, the robot is powered by a 2,600 mAh rechargeable battery, which supports a maximum of 140 minutes. If you have to recharge, you only need to wait a maximum of 300 minutes. In one charge it can clean up to 220 square meters.

Remember that there is a function which detects low battery power and that allows the robot to go directly to its charging station. There it begins charging in just a few seconds.

The operation of the ILIFE charging base is very simple. First, you have the system that will tell the robot vacuum cleaner when it is low on battery. This will induce the cleaner to go back to its station, where it has to charge for a maximum of 300 minutes. The included battery is a Lithium Ion. Remember to plug the base load into your power supply. If not, it will not have power to operate.

The Chuwi Ilife V7S has two containers, one for dirt and another which can be used to facilitate water. The dirt container has a capacity of 500 ml, and when collected it remains stored. The water is used in situations where it is necessary.

The two reservoirs have a handle for easy removal. You must take care with the disposable items which require maintenance. If you do not maintain properly, they can break down. But that is how all electronics work.


ILIFE V7S remote control and cleaning options

The remote control has the property of controlling the robot vacuum cleaner remotely, without having to touch it. In this case it works with two AA batteries (these are not included). This can be performed up to a maximum distance of 500 meters.

As expected, the remote control includes all the necessary buttons. From its user manual, you can read the following modes:

  • Automatic Cleaning: the best known, automatic mode, which focuses on cleaning all the dirt found around in your house.
  • Border Cleaning: This type of mode focuses especially on the edges.
  • Concentrated cleaning: Similar to above but in a particular area.
  • Reservation cleaning: You can set a timer on the ILIFE robot which makes it clean at you desired time of the day.

You can at all times use the remote controle from the couch or anywhere else in the house, if you feel like using any of the above features.

How does ILIFE V7S compare to expensive models

The main differences are the design. There are other ILIFE models which are not as good as more expensive model (such as ILIFE A4). But this one does the job a+. It is not noisy, cleans well and is cheap. Only little thing is maybe its battery capacity which is a little smaller than som models costing 10 times as much. But you would expect that.

Many other expensive models actually only have one container for dirt and do not, like ILIFE V7S, have a container with water.

Comparing it with expensive models, only makes this a better deal. I am stoked. First robot I bought for cleaning was really bad, so I was quite sceptical, when reviewing this. Now I am convinced that they work and my girlfriend is really happy that she does not have to vacuum anymore 🙂

Where to buy the Ilife V7S)

The Ilife V7S robot vacuum cleaner is on sale at Gearbest for $ 156.99 (normal price at Gearbest is 249$). There is free shipping included. I have checked Aliexpress and there it costs around 200$.. I got one to review, for free, from the official seller. My review is completely objective and you can read other online reviews which are very positive as well. This is very cheap in comparison to what you get!

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