Kitchenware – 13 brilliant kitchen gadgets from Aliexpress

Kitchen equipment – 13 brilliant Kitchen gadgets

Gadgets are like drugs. You always want more. However, my recommendation is to buy gadgets not drugs.

For men there is no need to buy kitchenware, in the form of smart gadgets, that ease the art of cleaning. That’s the woman’s job. On the other hand, it is excellent to extend the exclusive collection of kitchen equipment with wine pumps, popcorn machines and items that generally contribute to a less difficult cooking.

I have handpicked 15 brilliant gadgets for the kitchen. You may have seen some of them. Others not. Most importantly, you are at least able to find one or two to expand your own collection. I have found all the kitchen gadgets at Aliexpress, since it is a very cheap place to buy them

I have done my best to gather gadgets for the kitchen that can impress most gentlemen.

Wine aerator – makes cheap wine taste better

Wine aerator $10,50 – buy it here


Now I’m not a wine expert, but my old father has taught me a few things about wine. What I remember, and you have to correct me if Im wrong, when it comes to the use of a wine aerator, it is primarily used for young wine . The main rule is that older wines should be drunk immediately.

If you take an old Petrus wine, and throw it through a wine filter, you risk oxygenating the wine too much. But for young wines, it can improve the taste. My knowledge does not go further but I fu

Popcorn machine as you know it from the cinema

Price: $139 Where: Find the popcorn machine at Aliexpress here

In principle, one should refuse to have a microwave in his home. A microwave oven is an invention for the proletariat.  It is for the people who sincerely appreciate the funeral dishes. Anyway, the microwave is used in 90% of all cases to make popcorn. Why not replace it with a popcorn machine that holds the charm of the old cinemas?

Samurai knife set

Price: $136 per piece Where: Find the knife set here

Up in the ass with Global kitchen knifes and what other brands are called. If you want a knife set that’s really going to rock the kitchen, look no further than this samurai sword. Your friends will be very impressed by your cutting tools..

IKettle – boil your water from the bed

Price: $51,98 Where: Find the kettle here

Men do not buy kitchen equipment because it is necessary from a functional point of view. Men buy kitchen equipment that are fun. This kettle is fun. You can download an app and control it from the bed. It has so many cool functions that I actually bought it just to play with it. Now making hot water has never been more meaningful.

Automatic whisker

Price: $5,71 x Where: Aliexpress HERE

I have had the automatic whisker for some time. I like to drink wine instead of whisking. Simple as that..

Candy Grabber

Price: $55,38 Where: At Aliexpress HERE

As a gentleman you do not necessarily have to impress only your male comrades in relation to kitchen gadgets. If you have children, for example, I’m reasonably convinced that the above sweat machine will be quite interesting and add some points to your father-account.

In addition, you could also get some fun out of Friday when the kids are going to have a Friday show. They get 5 trials and what they catch, they must eat. Could you imagine a dissatisfied youth, if there is no gain?

Marinade injector

Price: $11,08 Where: Find the marinade injector HERE

Okay, this one is new to me. Now it is no longer innovative to pack the meat into some interesting marinade. Now, the marinade must come from within. This is done by simply injecting marinade directly into the middle of the meat. The idea is that the taste experience should come as a surprise.

I like the idea.


Spoon with digital weight

Price: $10,50 Where: At Aliexpress HERE

Rather than being an innovative addition to the man’s collection of gadgets for the kitchen, this spoon also contributes to fun for your children. Children loves digital stuff. Why not make it fun to eat?

Pineapple slicer

Price: 70 x Where: Find the pineapple slicer HERE

This cheap gadget saves you time if you love eating pineapples. Good for desserts but also an important gadget if you like to drink pinacolada – Remember to buy cocktail umbrellas!

Food vacuum machine

Price: $76,57 Where: Find the machine HERE

Actually called a Sansair Sous Vide. Try and say that five times fast!

Are you familiar with the term? Just five years ago, this machine cost way too much to ever consider adding to your own. It has simply been reserved for the restaurants. Fortunately, technology has improved and it has become possible to make a machine that does not spoil the budget.

The idea of ​​this machine is that instead of frying the meat, it boils to perfection. In this way you can prepare the meat at the exact temperature you want.

I will recommend to read a little more about this machine before buying it. But if you learn how to use, you will become masterchef.


Wine vacuum stopper that keeps the wine fresh

Wine stopper $14,24 – Find it at Aliexpress HERE

Once a bottle of good red wine is opened, you usually have to drink it pretty fast. With this wine vacuum stopper you can actually extend the life of the wine. It works by draining the bottle for oxygen. Oxygen is indeed the dominant factor in aging the joyous drops. This way, you can save a good bottle of red for next weekend.

But let’s face it. Will you ever need it?

Chocolate Fountain

Price: $360 Where: Find the chocolate fountain HERE

Personally, I have never ever in my life ever thought that I could use a chocolate fountain. But what cannot be dipped in chokolade? For your kids birthdays this will be the bomb. Imagine all their friends.. They will be talking about it for years. This is a pro version and you can be cheaper models at Aliexpress as well.

Cutting gloves for the dangerous kitchenware

Price: $6,99 Where: Find the cutting gloves HERE

With a pair of cutting gloves, the gentleman can go to the kitchen and be a ninja without having to worry about his fingers. How fast can you make paperthin tomatoes? How many cucumbers can you kill in a minute? Game on! But just keep the knife like an idiot just because you have the gloves on!