Lepin Lego – How good is it?

Chinese Lepin lego building blocks

Lego is expensive which is why the Chinese building block manufactor Lepin has a lot of succes. It is a Lego clone – everything except the logo is ripped of. Quality is the best among Lego imitations and the price is less than half compared to the genuine Lego. I have made another post about fake Lego building blocks but this post is solely about Lepin Lego.

Quality of Lepin Lego

I have just collected a small Star Wars Lego battle ship (Falcon).. I am not completely into Star Wars, so I am not sure which one it exactly is.. But I beneath is a picture of the Lepin Lego Star wars Falcon and all blocks connected easily and everything looks good. I did not choose a huge model since I dont have children that can play with it. But you can buy some gigantic Lepin Falcon models – Check them out

I had this one send China Post Air Mail but I would suggest to use DHL or FEDEX if you choose to buy one of the bigger models.

Where to buy Lepin Lego building blocks?

Luckily there is a huge selection of trustable sellers who sell Lepin building blocks. Just make a search for “Lepin” at Aliexpress and sort by seller rating – My link already did that 😉

Or check out the shop where I bought my Lepin Star Wars Falcon

Besides choosing a trustable seller, you should also choose a product which has some order feedback. Then you are sure to receive some primo Lepin building blocks which is just as good as real Lego building blocks.

Is Lepin Lego considered a counterfeit?

As far as I know, Lepin lego is not considered a “fake product” so far. I do know that the Lego company does not approve of Lepin Lego since most is ripped off but as you probably know “this is a Chinese company”, and the rules are quite different over there. If a product is considered a knockoff it most be replicated nearly 100% and Lepin is Lepin not Lego..

Check out some more Lepin Lego building blocks at Aliexpress.com