Finding Louis Vuitton replica bags – updated

Find the best Louis Vuitton replica bags at

Louis Vuitton replica bags are some of most popular fake bags at Aliexpress. There are many different models and qualities available. But whether you are looking for an expensive leather Louis Vuitton replica bag or a cheap pu leather bag, you still want to get the best deal possible.

Louis Vuitton bags have been removed from Aliexpress

Most knockoffs have been removed from Aliexpress. You can, however, sometimes still find a little selection and if that is what you seek, then keep reading. If you want to use another site for replica bags I suggest you to go PurseValley or read on to find other alternatives as well.

Purse valley has a higher rating than Aliexpress on Trustpilot. Quite high I believe, if you remember it is a website focusing solely on selling replica products. See their rating on trustpilot HERE.

It is getting increasingly more difficult each day to find replicas of all kinds at Aliexpress. Some brands are more difficult to find than others. Among the brands that are almost impossible to find you will unfortunately find Louis Vuitton.

Banning replicas is an impossible task and I sincerely believe that instead of focusing so much on status and money the companies should lower their unreasonable prices – everyone should be allowed to buy cool designs. I read an article in New York Times about the amount of replicas being produced in China and judged on the money involved in this in especially China. It will never stop.

Where else can I buy a Louis Vuitton replica bag?

Because designer brands are so extremely expensive there is i high demand for replicas at especially Aliexpress. Aliexpress used to be the place westernes could buy replicas safely from their couch. Nowadays the demand is still there, but as mentioned earlier, some brands such as replica Louis Vuitton products are more or less gone.. But because the demand is still high, some shops take their chances and try to sell fake Louis Vuitton bags, in spite of the Alexpress rules which bans shops for selling them. This means that in order to buy a fake Louis Vuitton bag at Aliexpress you need to find the shop in the window of time, where it has not been shot down yet.

Downside of this is that you will not find a bag that has been sold many times prior to your order. This means no given feedback and you practically have no idea if the seller has good intensions or good products. All this added together, should make you look somewhere else if you want to purchase a fake Louis Vuitton bag, wallet, belt etc. At this very moment I truly believe that the most consistent quality Louis Vuitton replicas come from Pursevalley. If you are still stubborn and want to find it at Aliexpress or another place then read on.

How to find the best quality replica bags?

Like all other products at Aliexpress, you have to find a reputable seller with many completed orders and a high positive feedback. Shops that sell replica bags such as fake Louis Vuitton bags will be removed from Aliexpress (all replica watch and bag sellers I have previously listed have now been removed). But sometimes you can search for some Louis Vuitton acronyms and if you are lucky you can find a shop selling some quality fake bags.

First you need to search for Louis Vuitton replica bags at Aliexpress. I have listed a couple of acronyms for Louis Vuitton below. There are definitely a lot more acronyms that will give good results. You can alter the brand name or you can search for specific model names. Both is normally equally good. I hope this will give you an idea og how it works because no matter which brand you are looking for at Aliexpress, this is the way it works!

Fake Louis Vuitton search acronyms:

Now you will have an idea on how to find replica Louis Vuitton bags, purses etc. You will have to spend some time browsing the results in order to find fake Louis Vuitton bags.

When you hold your cursor over a product all the seller information will show (as seen on the picture below):

As you see these shops has a high positive feedback from their completed orders. That is pretty impressive. This you can do with all the different shops that come up. When you find good shops / sellers then click their shop name link and you will see all their products. Last thing you have to do now, is to make sure the individual product you want to purchase also has a similar high positive feedback which I know can be difficult with knockoffs which most likely have no feedback.

Real leather Louis Vuitton replica bags

In order to find real leather Louis Vuitton replica bags, you have to pay a lot more. This makes sense since leather is expensive worldwide. The better quality leather the higher price of course. You will have to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay since a really good quality leather products can easily cost 50$ (small purses) and up. You can find some cheaper but the leather quality can by dodgy – maybe you end up with a bag made from a Chinese street dog.

As I mentioned earlier I would definitely choose to buy these from Pursevalley. I have put a picture below of a classic replica Louis Vuitton bag bought from Pursevalley (Go there now). It is made from real leather and has all the details right. You can even get a fake receipt with the bag. All tags are there and a perfectly made dustbag as well.

You can also find some of the classic Louis Vuitton wallets and purses. Like the bag I have put a picture beneath of the replica Louis Vuitton wallet:

Other ways to findfake Louis Vuitton products

A third option is to use This site reminds a lot of Aliexpress. DHgate interface is almost the same and the site has also gathered a million of different Chinese shops selling everything you could think of. The main difference between Aliexpress and DHgate is that chances of  finding a reputable vendor selling quality replica Louis Vuitton purses or bags is a lot higher on Finding Louis Vuitton products at DHgate works the completely same way as Aliexpress. This means you will have to be inventive and try different acronyms. But no matter what your inquiries are, you will find many more useful results.

Try look at a search for Louis Vuitton bag at DHgate and you will quickly notice how many different Louis Vuitton replica bags, wallets and other products you will find. Best is that most shops even have feedback for you to rely on.

To sum it all up, I would definitely advice buying a fake Louis Vuitton bag from either Pursevalley or DHgate. Buying one from Aliexpress is first of all hard, since they are difficult to find. Secondly you have no idea if the seller is trustable since there are probably no feedback to guide you. But if you are an Aliexpress addict, you can by hard work and effort find one you buy there as well.