Louis Vuitton towel Aliexpress

Louis Vuitton beach towel Aliexpress

So I bought this fake Louis Vuitton beach towel some time ago, when one user actually asked me if I knew where to buy it. And the seller i bought it from, was still on Aliexpress. I have used it for 6 month now and the quality is amazing. The best towels I have at my home is from a Danish designer called Lene Bjerre. They cost around 120$ for beach towel. But the quality is top notch. The Louis Vuitton towel is 95% as good and cost me 35$ at Aliexpress. Still more expensive than other towels but definitely worth it.

Quality and price go hand in hand

In the longer term it is more profitable to invest in towels of luxury quality. Cheaper towels have to be replaced regularly. Beneath I have put a picture of the fake Louis Vuitton beach towel I received:

A few tips that generally apply to all towels are:

  • Before use, soak the towel in normal cold water, with a cup of vinegar added, for 24 hours – It improves the towels sucking ability and prevents colours to fade.
  • Do not use fabric softener – It destroys absorbency, and wear out the towels.

Where to buy the fake Louis Vuitton towel

I bought the towel from Yongming international trade which has many other nice products. A very reliable shop which is mostly specialised in home decor. To go directly to the Louis Vuitton towel product description site – CLICK HERE

I have not bought any cheap towels at Aliexpress which were any good but this one works for me beautifully. I have no idea what e genuine Louis Vuitton towels costs but I think it would be at least 200$.

Other designer towels at Aliexpress

Besides my fake Louis Vuitton beach Towel it is quite easy to find other brands as well. I have seen Ralph Lauren towels as well og Hilfiger and many other. Make a search for:

This should give you something to look at. If you don’t have enough, then be creative and include words as, beside towel of course, Brand, designer, famous, Italian, American brand etc; when searching for other fake replica towels.

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