How to make money with Aliexpress online

A clever advice on how to make money with Aliexpress online

This is not a how to get rich fast guide but an advice on how you can make a couple of 100$ bucks with Aliexpress. I have done and still do some of the things listed here. As everything else, the money won’t come crawling down your pocket only by reading this post. You need to work for the dollars but it will get easier by time.

Sell items from Aliexpress and gain a profit

In Denmark we have a couple of sites where you as a private person can sell everything between heaven and earth. To name a few of them:, and All countries have websites like this and first job is to find a couple of these sites. I don´t think eBay is a good place to start, it needs to be more regional. Alternatively you could sell things at yardsales but I think it is easier to begin with online sales which does not require a massive amount of goods to begin with.
If any of my readers know any of these sites from other countries than Denmark, please post some of these in the comments field.

Now you have to work out what to sell. I started out selling fishing lures from Aliexpress. I love to fish and lures are expensive in Denmark. I bought a couple of different lures from around 10 different shops, took pictures of them and put them on They had on average cost me 0.5$ each and I sold them for 2$. I found that a couple of them were popular, so I ordered more of those. After 3 month doing this, I sold around 25 lures a month which gave me a monthly benefit of 35-40$.
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To name an other example, I sold Nicer Dicer Plus around christmas two years ago. Again I found a good supplier and I bought home packages with 24-48 pieces at a time. I think I paid 12$ a piece including taxes and sold them for 80$. The best month I actually made over 3k.

Which Aliexpress product should I make money from

The best advice I have when choosing an Aliexpress product to make money off for the first time is actually not to buy anything at all! WHAT??? Yes, think about it… Ok, I will explain: The simple and genious way is to take screenshot pics of maybe 50 different Aliexpress products. Set a price that is lower than similar products on the website where you are putting them up for sale. Now wait and when somebody wants to buy, you tell them that it has already been sold. You will now, however, quickly find which products are popular. Now go make that first order for the top 3 most popular products you have for sale.

My next Aliexpress big seller is chili seeds

I have already decided on the next product from Aliexpress, I want to sell. You probably think I am crazy but the profits are sky-high. I have ordered a massive amount of different Chili seeds from Aliexpress. Mostly the very spicy variants and the ones that are expensive in Denmark. But Jolokia (Indian Chili and used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine) and California Reaper chilies have become very popular in Denmark because of Chili Klaus who invites Danish celebrities to his home to eat them – check a video out here. A cheap price for ONE seed in Denmark is 0,9$ and I have only paid 0,02$ per seed. I will sell bags with 10 seeds per bag for 4$ and I make 3,8$ for every bag I sell. Not bad, right?
Think out of the box. It is easier to sell small niche related products than selling Apple products.

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