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Michael Kors is a very popular brand in Denmark, mostly known for its watches and bags but they also sell clothing, shoes and other accessories for both men and women. Michael Kors watches are rather expensive but not anything near the top Swiss brands.

There are many Michael Kors replicas on the market but watches and bags are the most common. Michael Kors mostly addresses to women but they do actually make some nice watches for men as well.

Unfortunately most knockoff products have been removed from Aliexpress. So you really have to browse a lot of results in order to find what you are looking for. Instead of doing so, you should try and visit DHGate instead. Website works kinda like Aliexpress but they have many shops selling fake MK watches. Try visiting the website HERE. However, I have still tried to find some fake Michael Kors watches from Aliexpress later in this post.

The most replicas at Aliexpress and alibaba will not show the logo, because it is against their policies. But look for the model, and ask the seller if you are not sure whether the Michael Kors watch comes with logo or not.

Michael Kors watch replicas

Michael Kors watch AliexpressMichael Kors replica watch

I see these watches a lot in Denmark. It is very popular among women in Denmark. The retail price for these kind of Michael Kors watches is around 300$. At Aliexpress you can buy one for 10-20$ incl shipping. Quality should be fine but do not expect this replica watch to run for many years though. ..

Last it is important to mention, again, that most Michael kors watches at Aliexpress are shown without any logo because it is against Aliexpress.com’s rules to sell replicas. But even though, it is still hard to find any replicas anymore. If you like the MK design, i have found a watch with no logo that look like a Kors watch HERE

Vendors photoshop the logos so they can sell fake watches anyway! That is also why it does not say Michael Kors on the watch above but when you receive it, it will have the MK logo.

Michael Kors gold or silver replica watch

Michael Kors watches Aliexpressfake michael kors watches

Almost same Michael Kors watch as the one above but from a different seller here shown in bronze with normal numbers. To search for fake Michael Kors watches at Aliexpress simply search for “Michael watches“. Again the price is around 300$ for a genuine. Prices are generally around 10-15$ for these Michael Kors replicas.

Michael Kors replica watches for men

Michael Kors watches men and women Aliexpressreplica michael kors watches men
There are many different replica mk watches for men. Check in the feedback comment section to see if there are some nice comments about the watches and remember to read the negative as well!

If you know a good shop for fake Michael Kors watches please leave a comment below..

Please note, again again, that the MK logo has been removed on most pics at Aliexpress. This is done because the shops/sellers are not allowed to sell counterfeit watches. If you are the least in doubt about a watch (whether it comes with a logo) then chat with the shop / seller to be sure.


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