fake New Balance shoes from Aliexpress review

Replica New Balance Shoes from Aliexpress review

A pair of New Balance shoes from Aliexpress just came with the local delivery company. It is also the first time I review New Balance on my Aliexpress blog. I actually stumpled upon them by accident and they were quite cheap so I decided to buy them. The price was 18,79$ and they are even a little cheaper if you buy them in a small shoe size. This is for a pair of standard NB shoes, some other models cost up to $70.

Fake New Balance shoes 2017 update

I felt it was time to update this post because finding fake New Balance shoes from Aliexpress has become almost impossible. I have mentioned this problem in many other posts but to make it short – Aliexpress is shutting down shops who sell replicated trademarks. You can sometimes find a small selection of replica NB shoes but you can read about this in the next section.

Where to find a pair of fake New Balance shoes?

The answer is simple. Go to DHgate and start shopping for fake New Balance shoes instead. If you are familiar with Aliexpress, DHgate will be easy to use. The portal is almost like Aliexpress and you can find tons of reliable sellers, selling cheap NB shoes. Quality is the same as shops used to have at Aliexpress. This is because it is the exact same shops who have moved their business to the DHgate platform instead.

How to find replica New Balance shoes at DHgate.com?

Like Aliexpress you have to search for the model name and leave out the trademark name. However, this does not count for New Balance shoes. Here you can just use the trademark name and tons of sellers will show up – check them out HERE

New Balance replicas quality review

By first glance the NB shoes from Aliexpress look quite genuine. Well the box they came in was not a very good knock-off. It was made of thin cardboard and was pretty damaged by the long trip from China.

Anyways, the shoe quality is what is important and it seems to be good. Don’t know how genuine New Balance shoes feel to wear but these replicas feel comfy. I’m pretty impressed that you can buy a pair of good shoes including shipping, for as little as 20 bucks. I am not sure if the color combination I bought actually exists. I certainly can’t find it on any of the New Balance retail sites. But who cares anyway?

Trusted DHgate seller of NB shoes

Finding New Balance at Aliexpress

If you want to search for replica New Balance shoes at Aliexpress. Try search for “famous brand shoes” and look through the results. Terms like NB shoes does unfortunately not work anymore.. But it is very difficult finding any at all. It seems like a waste of time. Instead go back up and read the DHgate section of this post again and click the link.

Replica New Balance Aliexpress shoe size

I bought a size 10,5 US which was the biggest they have. Normally I’m a size 10 (US) and that was okay for me. I would buy a size 11 next time if that was possible. Point is that I would regard my readers to buy one size bigger if possible. Always buy one see bigger from Aliexpress and DHgate than your normal size. Read more about Aliexpress shoe size.


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