Test of OnePlus 5: Best Android of the Year pricewise

OnePlus 5 is an amazing cellphone with a few flaws and many advantages.

I am a big fan of the OnePlus cellphones and have previously reviewed some of the older models on my website. Since Aliexpress is one of the cheapest places to buy it, I have once again bought the newest Oneplus 5 cellphone.

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Much is like before, but OnePlus 5 is also a thinner and more beautiful mobile phone than ever before.

one plus 5 cellphone

OnePlus 5: Primarily sold in one edition with 64 GB / 6 GB RAM ($482,39). BUY IT HERE

OnePlus has reached far in a short period of time

It is four years since the Chinese OnePlus was founded. But with the company’s latest Android model called OnePlus 5, it’s hardly possible to believe that the brand has reached so far in such a short period of time.

Six editions have been built up to now: OnePlus One (2014), OnePlus 2 (2015), OnePlus X (2015), OnePlus 3 (2016), OnePlus 3T (2016) and now OnePlus 5.

All their phones have the same idea, namely to create an Android mobile phone that can do anything you expect from a much more expensive model.

How does the new OnePlus 5 look?

The model is the thinest OnePlus model so far with a design that at first glance seems a bit old-fashioned and uninspiring. There are still wide edges at the top and bottom of the screen, which at the same time simply “is” a Full HD display.

However, despite the first impression, you will end up liking the design and especially its functionality.

The phone is handy, is nice to hold on and a daily pleasure to use. The screen is despite the missing topspecs, as you can expect: colorful and bright.


Android in its simplest form

It is pleasing that OnePlus is minimalistic in their approach to the Android software. It is Android in a simple and effective form. It’s almost like Google originally developed Android to be.

Here are not superfluous advertising software, but only improvements like the ability to lock the screen during game and new screen gestures. ME like!

However there is one button I dont like:

It’s the button here, I am not very good friends with. The idea behind the button is nice, but the functionality is boring.

On the hardwares side, the phone is well-built and in a finish with a choice of materials completely in line with the most expensive phones on the market.

However I am still not friends with the button (sound switcher button) and in a tight pair of jeans it can easily switch.

A cover can help, but the OnePlus Graphite Cover, which actually covers the button, does it so effectively that the button becomes virtually impossible to operate. Here is room for improvement.

I also miss the possibility of microSD cards, so you can get more storage space cheaply. I also do not understand the choice of making the phone water and dust proof. The last is a clear ‘must have’ – also in this price segment!


Charging the OnePlus 5 is a dream

On the other hand, it’s hard to say anything bad about the new dual camera. It takes excellent pictures, is easy to operate and makes really great video recordings with surprisingly good sound.

It is also a pleasure to operate the phone, which in both versions has ample work memory and an efficient processor.

The battery lasts easily for a busy day. If you need power, OnePlus has the best charger on the market – both for home and car.

Here you can really talk about a technology that efficiently provides power for several hours of extra operation. I really like!


You can buy the OnePlus 5 cellphone cheap at ALiexpress

Since both Aliexpress and OnePlus are Chinese it makes sense that you can buy the cellphone cheap at Aliexpress.com. There are several shops selling it but I can highly recommend Shenzhen Popping Store where I also bought mine.