Xiaomi QiCYCLE – smart electric foldable bicycle

Xiaomi foldable QICYCLE from Gearbest.com review

I was browsing the Gearbest homepage when I saw the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 which is a foldable smart-bike. As I live in Copenhagen I use a bike a lot – We are known as the bike capital of the world. So I was quite interested and was able to try one for a couple of weeks (lent out by Gearbest). Gearbest is also the cheapest place I can find the bike online – Check it out

After the YunBike C1 the Chinese company Xiaomi Tech has launched another smart bike with a rechargeable battery under the brand QiCycle. This is a smart electric bike for the city, which is able to drive about 45 kilometers on a single battery charge.

This new Xiaomi bicycle has a lot of color variations to choose from, the frame is constructed as a single tube and the wheels are equipped with disc brakes and electric motors.

foldable bike china

QiCycle is powered by a battery, which consists of twenty 2900 mAh Panasonic 18650 cells. A full load charge is enough for a 45 km bike ride.


Xiaomi QiCycle

On the handlebar there is installed a small computer, which adds some smart features to the bike. For example, the system is able to calculate the physical activity of the user and display it on the screen. Also this new Xiaomi bike has a gear shift system from Shimano (Nexus).

A special smartphone app can display stats from the bicycle directly on your phone screen (the onboard computer stores your data for 30 days), and can also be used as a navigator.

Xiaomi bicycle computer

The Xiaomi QiCycle Electric Bike is very compact in the folded state, so that it can be easily placed into the car trunk.

All in all, I think it is a perfect small bike especially good for car vacations because it is so easy to fit in your trunk. You can use it for everyday use as well but it is a little small and I prefer my own bike. BUT as a transportable and foldable bike, it is the best I have tried yet and I tried a 2000$ one my parents had on their boat and it was not even close to be as good as the Xiaomi QiCycle (buy it here).

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