portable telescopic carbon sea fishing rod aliexpress

portable fishing rod from aliexpress

I found this portable telescopic carbon fishing rod by coincident at Seaknight shop at Aliexpress and because it was only 15$, I had to buy it. Good fishing rods are expensive so I really did not have big expectations to this sea rod. There were several lengths to choose from but since I already own a lot of fishing rods, I chose the smallest and cheapest.fishing rod aliexpress


The rod is 1,8 meters fully extended and it only measures 39 cm when contracted. This comes in very handy on many occasions. Especially if you don’t have a car to transport your fishing gear. I brought it out on sea to catch cod last week and used it for jig fishing with a 100 gram lure. I had another rod going with a bottom feeder tackle.. Both rods caught 2 cods each and my cheap China carbon rod was actually surprisingly good. Of course I had a nice reel attached on the rod but the rod itself was perfect for 5-10 kg fish. It can easily be used for smaller fish as well but for fish larger than 10 kilos I would advice you to buy the telescopic carbon rod a size or two bigger.. You can buy the rod at the SeaKnight shop on Aliexpress.com

Other fishing rods, reels and lures from Aliexpress

There are many more shops selling fishing rods at Aliexpress but also lures, reels and even some very good braided fishing line. I think the SeaKnight shop looks to be one of the best “fishing shops” I have encountered at Aliexpress but I guess there are thousands of different shops selling fishing rods, reels, lures, line and many other fishing related products at Aliexpress.

Even luxury products are available at a low price. Rapala are one of the favourite lures for seabass and salmon in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and you can find many different Rapala lures HERE. Abu Garcia is also available..

As with all other shops at Aliexpress, go for a shop / seller that has a high positive feedback rating – Not only for the shop but also for the product you are interested in.. Go to Aliexpress and check out the bestselling products within fishing HERE