Fake Ralph Lauren sweater from China

Replica Ralph Lauren sweater from China

I bought a fake Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater from Aliexpress. Well I am not a cashmere wool expert but it sure is warm. If it is 100% cashmere I am not sure but still this kind of sweater with no RL logo would minimum cost 200$ in Denmark. Shipping was very fast (China Airmail) as it only took 2 weeks. It went directly through customs which almost all soft packages do and best of all was that; shipping was included in the price.

This is my second Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater from Aliexpress and the first which cost me 40$ (more expensive better quality right?) was miserable. It had many fluffs after wearing it a couple of times but this one is just great quality. It is 2 month old on this picture and it has been well used!

Unfortunately it is very difficult these days finding any replica products at Aliexpress. But you can still find many nice cashmere sweaters that are definitely worth buying. You can check out some of the most popular cashmere pullovers from Aliexpress HERE

Finding fake Ralph Lauren sweaters

If you are searching for counterfeit Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters on Aliexpress please notice than search terms as “Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater” will not generate any useful results because it is actually illegal to sell counterfeit products on Aliexpress. You can sometimes be lucky to find a shop still selling replicated brand clothing. In order to find those, you will need patience a browse a lot of results. Either you can search for something like famous brand cashmere sweater which is a broader search among many brands. To be more specific you can try searching for polo sweater or ralph sweater.

This is a general thing when you want to find replicas at Aliexpress. Either you need to alter the brand name or you search for a model name. or you can search for the model read how to find brands at Aliexpress

Picture of the fake Ralph Lauren pullover


Since it is difficult to find any replica products at Aliexpress it is obvious to look at other sites to find them. I have found that DHgate is a really good option for that. There you can find several different fake Ralph Lauren products. The website is quite similar to Aliexpress and the site is perfectly safe to use. You can check out some fake Ralph Lauren clothing at DHgate.com HERE. When buying from DHgate, remember to choose a shop with a high positive feedback. Same of course applies at Aliexpress.