Cheap refurbished iPhones – save big and buy them from Aliexpress

What exactly is a refurbished Iphone?


A refurbished Iphone is like other refurbished electronics. It simply means that it has been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. It is repaired and resold.

The main difference between refurbished Iphones and used Iphones is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, therefore they should also be free of defects. Used Iphones may or may not be defective.

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Are Iphones refurbished or used at Aliexpress?

A refurbished Iphone can actually be an unused customer return that are essentially new. It may also be a defective Iphone that were returned under warranty and resold by a shop at Aliexpress after repairing the defects and ensuring the function yet again.

Most refurbished Iphones at Aliexpress are not only refurbished but also contain some used parts. The shops assemble the Iphones from new and used parts. Most likely they buy Iphones that are damaged or completely broken and they fix them and resell them.

How much can I save on a used / refurbished Iphone from Aliexpress?

Of course you cannot compare the prices at Aliexpress to new Iphones since they are refurbished and contain used parts. But even if you compare withused Iphone prices they are quite cheap. The bigger model you buy the more you actually save.

As an example a used Iphone 6 (4,7 inch screen, 16 GB) is sold used in Denmark for 430$. At Aliexpress the same Iphone will cost you 300-350$. The phone from Aliexpress will be delivered with the looks of a new and that is essential. You can buy cheaper used Iphones but they will have signs of heavy wear which may include lots of scratches, dents, or major cosmetic issues and they may even include personalization.

Iphone 7 will soon be available used as well but they are already 30$ cheaper from new at Aliexpress than in European stores. America is a little cheaper when it comes to Iphones..

Buying used iPhones at Aliexpress shopping guide

You can buy all Iphone models used at Simply make search for the model you are looking for and choose the best rated seller with most orders. Read all the feedback available for the specific product you want to buy to ensure that everything will be in a perfect condition upon arrival. I have listed the best shops beneath, chosen from these criteria:

Used and refurbished Iphone 4: Sunshine Technology

Used and refurbished Iphone 5: HongKong CINGO Technology

Used and refurbished Iphone 6: Summer Technology

Buying an Iphone 7 at Aliexpress: Comwingo Technology

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