Adidas Ultra Boost replica shoes from Aliexpress

Replica Adidas Ultra Boost Aliexpress

This spring Adidas launched its Ultra Boost shoes which, as all shoes, can be bought as replicas at Aliexpress or DHGate. The shoe is the first in which the midsole is 100 percent Boost-material and the shoe is in many ways the culmination of the use of soft resilient material. It is delicious and super comfortable but the shoes are not something for everyone. I will get back to that.

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The shoe actually stands out in areas other than the sole. The knitted polyester part – Primeknit – oozes quality and extremely soft materials clings like a sock on your foot. At the same time it provides structure and excellent breathability.

Replica Ultra boost quality

You might be a little concerned about durability when it comes to a replica Ultra Boos shoe but during my two-month test it has kept exemplary.

Around the heel and the rear foot the replica Adidas Ultra Boost sits really well, via a strong, but fine solution, with an external heel counter in plastic. It is split down the middle and therefore avoids bothering the Achilles tendon. Good thinking. At the room for your toes in the front it is a little narrow but thanks to the flexible material it does not matter. The shoes upper part formidable comfort is supported by the extremely soft Boost sole. The shoe is really great to walk around in.

Running with the Adidas Ultra Boost replicas

It is slightly more problematic to run with the replica Ultra Boost shoes because of the extreme softness. The shoe tends to be very vivid and floating. Adidas have tried to stabilize the shoe by inserting a plastic element on the inside of the heel right at the outsole. It provides some stability, but it does not change the fact that the shoe, in my eyes, is for a neutral runner. Or for those who want to look good on a short exercise a few times a week. I would prefer a replica Nike Freerun shoe or a replica Nike Roshe Run instead.

Ultra Boost price

Adidas Ultra Boost Aliexpressreplica Adidas Ultra Boost
The original price is high and due to the combination of the two expensive technologies Boost and Primeknit. It’s an interesting shoe with an unprecedented high level of comfort but it can hardly serve as the sole running shoe in the closet. Replica Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are however pretty cheap at Aliexpress. Search for Ultra Boost and set max price at $50. Then you will get some satisfying results (at the moment).

I am trying to find a better place than Aliexpress for replica shoes, watches, clothing etc. because they remove the sellers selling the replica gear. But don´t worry about putting an order, you will still get your shoes. Just annoying when you find a good shop and it is removed next time you want to make an order.

But for the moment, I think that and Aliexpress, are the best places right now for buying replica shoes, clothing and watches. Setup is almost the same between the two sites and after searching, you just need to go examine the results to find the shoes you look for.