Air Jordan and LeBron shoes from Aliexpress

When searching for replica Air Jordan 10, 11 and LeBron shoes, there are many sites offering them

Some even claim to offer Authentic Jordans. As always when I buy replica shoes, I buy from Aliexpress.

Legality: Keep in mind that manufacturing and sale of replica items that infringe on copyright is illegal. Purchasing counterfeit items does not fall under the same category when in small quantities and for personal use. As long as you buy for personal use, it is actually legal in most countries.

Quality: Most replica Jordan and LeBron shoes are from the same factory. This means that it does not matter where your order from, you’re likely to receive products of the same quality and origin. Check youtube reviews and Aliexpress feedback before ordering to make sure you get the best possible quality.

Price: Price can vary a lot from site to site and seller to seller. You can buy the same pair of replica Jordans for $50 or $200 depending on what site you order from. Aliexpress has many sellers which give some competition which again reflects in the prices. Shipping and payment fees should be considered as well. One seller may offer low prices but high shipping costs.

Trustworthiness: Replica websites can pop up and disappear overnight. Before ordering from an unknown site make sure to search google to find out if others have had a good or bad experience. It has happened that people have paid and afterwards never received any products. That is why I solely use Aliexpress for buying replica products because I can read the vendors feedback.

People often ask me what seller or website sell the best replica Jordans? I can’t give a clear answer to that question but I can give some suggestion to trusted sellers I have previously used.

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Replica Jordan 10 & 11 shoes from Aliexpress

Here are shops selling replica Jordans model 9, 10 and 11 and some retro Jordan shoes as well.
Jordan shoes Aliexpressreplica jordan 11


Nike LeBron James shoes from Aliexpress

Here are shops selling replica LeBron James shoes. Please notice that the shops who are selling the fake lebron shoes are altering the Nike logo on the product pics – They do this for legal reasons. The shoes will come with the normal Nike logo or find them at DHgate instead:
Lebron shoes Aliexpressreplica Lebron shoes

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