Replica AP watches from DHGate and Aliexpress

Best site to buy AP watches online – DHgate, Aliexpress or a third site?

Before you read this post about finding replica AP watches online, I would like to inform that I am not myself selling or promoting the sale of replica watches. All the info below relies on my experience when I am buying replica watches (which is legal in my country for own use). To avoid any legal issues I have removed all names, models, pictures etc that could lead to the misunderstanding of me selling or promoting these watches!

Finding the best replica AP watch online is like finding any other replica watch online. Previously I have only used shops at Aliexpress to buy this kind of products, only because I had a chance to look at the feedback for a specific replica watch.

Today I also use DHgate because they have that same option and many sellers that used to be at the Aliexpress platform, are nowadays on the DHgate platform.

AP watches from DHgate

I have bought one replica AP watch at DHgate and the watch was okay compared to the price tag of 25$. Compared to the 100-200$ watches it lacks a little in details. But AP is not my favourite brand and a cheap replica is sufficient for me.

luxury watch brands aliexpress

As I mentioned before, you can see the feedback given for products at which makes the process of choosing your supplier of fake AP watches quite easy. Finding a selection of replica AP watches at DHgate is also easy, just search for AP watches and you will receive plenty of useful results. There are many different models available and it should be easy finding one at DHgate that suits your taste.

AP watches at Aliexpress

It has become very difficult to find a replica AP watch at Aliexpress, since the Alibaba group is doing a great effort to remove replicas from their sites. Best option is to know a good seller at Aliexpress who has a catalog somewhere else than at Aliexpress.. Besides that you might get lucky sometimes searching for AP watches, Didun brand or using other acronyms. However, I mostly find wristbands for AP watches but occasionally also a watch or two..

AP at different sites

Many sites beside Aliexpress sell all the different brands within watches. It is easy to find the replica you are looking for but they cost a little more than other places.. The quality is, however, always a concern. So try to read some reviews before you choose a website or supplier.