Replica Ayrton Senna watch from Aliexpress review

Replica Ayrton Senna watch from Aliexpress review

I ordered the Ayrton Senna watch from Aliexpress yesterday. By first glanse it is the best looking watch I have ordered so far. The model is the bang model and by searching google for bang replicas you can find many pics and additional info about it.

For your information I am not selling, promoting or distributing any counterfeit products on my website, just telling you where to find them. And have removed any names protected by the US trademark law

It is my cheapest replica watch from Aliexpress so far

It is also my cheapest immitation watch so far from Aliexpress. It was only 44$ including shipping.

I have seen some videos on youtube for this watch and I must say it looks amazing.

The watch i ordered was with the rosegold look (replicas are of course made with metal instead of gold) and it looks amazing! I bought it from Aliexpress where you can find some extremely nice replica watches.

You can also try visiting and look for the models you like – there you can find a lot of different replica watches. They are all in an amazing quality. Little expensive but the quality is very high.

Here is also a link for a youtube unboxing video. It is in Spanish and I did not understand much, but damn it looks good.

Nice cheap Chinese alternatives

Megir watch Aliexpressbang ayrton Senna watch
You can also buy the pretty cool and cheap Chinese brand Megir . I have actually bought one and you can read the Megir watch from Aliexpress review. They are also sold on European and American webshops and get good reviews. You should however buy the watch at Aliexpress because it is a lot cheaper there – 50% cheaper.

Finding these replicas on Aliexpress is difficult

I had some trouble finding this watch on Aliexpress but try different acronyms and sometimes you will get lucky.

Other places to look for replica watches

If you are looking for watches, then try and visit and find a supplier there. I have made a post about replica watches on So click the link and read it if you want to find out more..

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