Replica Levis and Diesel jeans from Aliexpress

Replica Levis jeans and Diesel replicas are popular at Aliexpress. Recently they have become more difficult to find but with a little patience it is still possible to find them. Another option is to buy them at DHGate which is a Chinese portal with many different vendors like Aliexpress.

When you are buying from Aliexpress and DHGate the buyer protection has increased a lot recently and I have quite easily gotten my money refunded from som products I have not received.

Nonetheless, it is of course important to buy a pair of high quality replica Levis and Diesel jeans and what is just as important is to find the correct size. Luckily most sellers have measures, so if you are willing to take some measurements of your waist and length of your legs, you can buy some really decent replicas.

As you can see above, some details are a little off but besides that the quality is normally alright. Some Levis and Diesel jeans are of course more correct replicas than others but most are decent.

Replica Levis jeans Aliexpress and DHGate

The Levis replica jeans are the most popular and come in many different variations. I dont have a favourite pair but I usually stick to the 501 Levis replicas. I have tried some different models which unfortunately did not fall into my taste. But taste is however, quite objective. Both at Aliexpress and DHgate the trademarks have been retouched and you won’t be able to see them. This can sometimes make it a little challenging to find out if you are buying a pair of knockoffs or a pair of Chinese lookalike jeans. However, it is easier to spot the replicas at DHGate but this is probably due to the fact that there are more to choose from

Replica jeans DHGate.comfake levis jeans

I can’t find many good search codes for Levis and Diesel at Aliexpress for the moment but when searching in Aliexpress for American brand jeans you will find some different replicated brands. You can find Hilfiger replicas, Lee replicas, Levis replicas, Diesel replicas and a lot more different designer replica jeans.

If you want to be more specific search terms as “501 jeans” will sometimes give a decent selection. Another good term is Levys jeans which will give some good results as well. As everything now at Aliexpress, you have to be creative when searching. Typing in Levis in the search bar normally gives you some suggestions to what to search for. As always I wish you the best hunt for replica jeans.

Diesel replica jeans Aliexpress

Diesel Replica Aliexpressreplica diesel jeans

Again Diesel jeans have become difficult to search for but searching for famous designer jeans is always a good option. I found some good sellers that way. Searching for just Disel sometimes also brings up some decent search results.. As always I hope you find at Aliexpress what you are searching for. There are suggestion links and lots of other Aliexpress links on this site. So go replica jeans hunting. Hope it was useful…

Last I think you should try to check out if you did not find what you where looking for at Aliexpress. Try some of the same search codes – Check DHGate out here