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Aliexpress has many cool MB products such as replica wallets, replica pens, replica cufflinks and other nice MB gear. MB has an assortment which is the guarantee of great quality.
I have earlier made a post about fake MB ballpointer pens.

3 cool things from MB at

    • MB replica wallet

Real name and logo has been removed because it is infringing their trademark:


  • MB cufflinks – HERE

  • Masterpiece pens – HERE

There are many other replica MB products at Aliexpress. To find pens, search for monte pens or masterpiece. To find other MB stuff, search for Monte or just Mont.

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About MB

The company has for many years developed extremely exclusive writing instruments. They are especially known for their world famous series of writing instruments named Masterpiece series. These pens, ballpoints and mechanical pencils are for example made of resin and 14k gold. Most famous model is the model 149 (available as fountain pen), which typically is the one that heads of states are using to sign with. The price for this is around 800$ from new, but smaller models can be bought for down to about 700$. Besides these, MB also manufactores a variety of other models.
They are especially known for their small white star that characterizes all their company pens. The “star” symbolizes the top of Europe’s highest mountain.
Also on MB fountain pen heads you can see the connection to the “white mountain”. At each fountain head is namely engraved number 4810 which is the height of the mountain.
For Danes, it may be interesting that MB has had a Danish production, which it probably especially the red pencil which is known.

Aliexpress MB accessories

Today They make all sorts of different kinds of writing instruments, but while producing other luxury products such as jewelry, leather goods, perfumes and many other things.