Fake Monte Blanc ballpoint pen

Fake MB ballpoint pen from Aliexpress

I have bought a fake Monte Blanc ballpoint pen from Aliexpress that was cheap but still very functional. Unfortunately it is a couple of years ago. You can here in 2017 still find some MB pens at Aliexpress but it has become a little difficult. I know one shop where you can buy a good quality MonteBlanc ballpointer pretty cheap HERE.

I you want to buy a replica MontBlanc pen you can also try searching at Aliexpress for mb pens, monte pens or meisterstuck pens.

Another option is to find them at DHgate.com which is quite similar to Aliexpress. You can search their selection HERE

Replica MontBlanc price and quality

High quality replicas cost $15 and up for – but do not pay more than $30! The cheap monte blanc replicas are also okay but their are a little lightweight.. I would rather spend some bucks for a good pen which will probably also last for longer! A genuine Monte pen costs around 400$ in Denmark and I guess that 40 replica pens are better than a single original MB pen.

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When buying fake mb pens, always try to choose a shop with a high positive feedback. Both for the shop itself but also for the product itself. At the moment I would definitely use DHgate instead of Aliexpress in order to find replica products, since it is a lot cheaper.

However you can find many pens that are very similar to monteblanc at Aliexpress. They have the same design but miss the famous logo. Just search for monte pens. These are actually very cool and if you are not obsessed by having the logo then try and go for one of these.

When you have ordered one from either Aliexpress or DHgate you can track your parcel HERE. Good luck finding a nice fake MontBlanc pen from China.