Nike Air Max shoes from Aliexpress

Replica Nike Air Max from Aliexpress review

3 days ago I finally received a pair of replica Nike Air Max from AliExpress
I bought them for 46$ incl shipping from China (2014). Seller agreed to set the tax /commercial invoice to 12$ in China, to avoid further expenses in Danish customs.

The picture above is of a pair of replica Air Max shoes I bought from a vendor on AliExpress. I ordered the shoes in US size 11 and my normal size is 10. Fake shoes should always be ordered a size bigger. You can read more about the shoe size of Chinese shoes from Aliexpress.

Sometimes replica Nike Air Max shoes can be hard to find at Aliexpress but if you browse the results you get when you search for max shoes or 90 shoes and you will most likely find some shops.

Nike replicas seem hard to find at Aliexpress?

Sometimes replicas can be hard to find and you should look through the results. The shoes are actually easier to find at DHgate. At you can both find the Airmax retro 90 models and the newer models.

Beneath is a selection of different fake Nike Airmax and other popular models from trusted vendors at

Maybe you can find a couple of different Airmax shoes in Aliexpress but you will notice that the sellers don’t have any feedback at all. Since DHGate works the same way as Aliexpress and many shops are selling fake Nike Airmax shoes (lots of feedback), you should buy them there instead. This will most likely mean a better deal.

However, you can find a lot of genuine Nike Air Max at and they sell them quite cheap. Or you can buy some of the Chinese lookalikes like Onemix or Apple

Check out genuine airmax shoes HERE

Or check out some Chinese Air Max lookalikes HERE

Replica Nike Air Max quality same as the real Nike Air Max

Everything looks similar compared to the real Air Max shoes. Only thing revealing the shoes are from China is the shoe size which is a little smaller with the chinese replica. There are a couple of other really small details. If you have that in mind, always order one size bigger than normal and you will be fine.

Should only be bought for yourself and I don´t recommend buying them for resale. since that would be illegal!

How much should a pair of Chinese Airmax knockoffs cost?

When you buy replica Nike Air Max shoes, price should range around 35-65$ incl shipping – depending on quality, shipping method and model. Replica Air Max shoes are good which most replica shoes are.

If you are looking for the genuine Air Max shoes, just search for “Nike Air Max” and only legit retailers will come up.

To find to fake Nike shoes, search for max shoes or air brand shoes and change maximum price 60$. This way you will filter out all the genuine.. Go to and search.

Always try to buy from a seller with a feedback score better then 95% and make sure to read the bad feedback as well. This counts for both Aliexpress and