Buying fake Nike Free Run shoes

Fake Nike Free Run shoes from Aliexpress

I used to buy fake Nike Free Run shoes from Aliexpress but here in 2017 it has become very difficult. This is due to their intense surveillance of shops selling knockoffs. I have started using DHgate (check out their Nike knockoffs HERE) when I am buying replica shoes. The website more or less works same way as Aliexpress. Almost all replica Nike models I have bought and seen have been of very high quality – except a few models like Jordans and Airmax.
Only bad thing I can say about the Nike Freerun replica shoes are, that the black models tend to loose the paint at the end of the toe. I have an original pair of Freerun shoes in black and they don’t loose the paint.
I believe that almost half the Nike Freerun shoes you see in Denmark are knockoffs since most miss a little paint on the toe. It actually does not surprise me when you can buy a pair of fake Freerun shoes from ads on Facebook but I think most people do not know they are fake – but now you know.

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Buy Nike style sneakers at Aliexpress

Nike knockoffs are impossible to find at Aliexpress but, however, you can find many lookalike shoes. Chinese brands like iyouwoqu, Li-ning and Onemix are good examples of shoes that are exact replicas of different Nike models, except for the logo. The quality is good and the price is low. If you can accept they don’t come with a Nike logo, then buy these instead.

The price range for replica Nike Free Run shoes at Aliexpress and DHgate

The picture above is a classical product picture of a pair of replica Nike shoes from DHgate and Aliexpress. As you may notice the logo has been altered a little. This is just for legal reasons. The shoes you buy will definitely have the real Nike logo when you receive them.

The price for a pair of standard Free Run shoes should not exceed $40. This counts for both DHgate and Aliexpress which of course includes shipping expenses. If you get them send without the box they tend to go easier through customs. Think I have had 2 out of 10 pair stopped. I have used Dhl 2 times and I had 3 pair send at the same time. For that service I paid 160 all inclusive. But it is important to ask the seller if it is possible to have 3 pair of shoes in one package and get it through Dhl customs with a low invoice. Most sellers will only agree on 2 pair and then it is cheaper to send with HK or China-airmail and pay Danish customs.

Finding replica freerun shoes at DHgate and Aliexpress

Aliexpress and DHgate sell a lot of knockoff shoes and most at bargain prices compared to the western world. But as mentioned before, it is difficult to find fake sneakers at Aliexpress. After Alibaba went on the stock exchange they have done a huge effort to shot down vendors selling replicated products. This actually makes it a waste of time trying to find those at Aliexpress. You can try by searching for free run shoes or by some other acronym and you will sometimes find a really small selection.

Instead try and use because it is a lot easier to find them and the selection is a lot bigger. Then you will definitely find a better deal. Again the portal works almost like Aliexpress so do a search for free run shoes and you will have plenty of results. You don’t even have to sort the results as the best shops tend to come first.

By the way, remember to order one size bigger than your normal fir. These shoes are Chinese and they have a little smaller feet than westerners. You can find fake freerun shoes from DHgate HERE

Below are some pictures of fake freerun shoes I have bought.

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