Replica SeaM from Aliexpress

Replica SeaM watch from Aliexpress

I just received 2 replica watches from Aliexpress today, YES, a replica Sea master P-O watch and a replica Bwatch, which I will make a different post about.
I bought the replica watch for 92$ on Aliexpress incl DHL shipping from China. Seller agreed to set the tax /commercial invoice to 12$ in China, so no further expenses in Danish customs. The seller of my watch is not present at Aliexpress anymore, so I can unfortunately not link to it.

I actually cannot find any replica watches at Aliexpress, but you can go to and search for the models you like. There it is still possible to find watches.

However, sometimes searching for the specific master watch will also give some results. Seamster is a series of many different O watches and my favorite is the replica P-O model but I also like the looks of the different ones.

Replica feels like a real watch

Everything looks like a real Sea watch. But as usual the sweep reveals that the watch is from China. The sweep second does not run completely fluent like the real deal. The watch is still working great though. The clockwork is an unspecific chinese clockwork but if you would like a really good and fluent watch – you should buy one with a Swiss ETA movement. It would cost you around 400$ depending of the ETA type. But then you will get an awesome watch that will run for years. Be aware that all REAL ETA movements from China are used movements from other watches!

What quality should I expect when buying a fake watch

When you buy fake watches around 100$ from Aliexpress – quality varies a lot. This one seems to be of good quality but sometimes you can be unlucky and it stops running after one week. Most of the watches will last for a couple of years (some a lot more) which is quite good compared to the price.
I have bought many watches from Aliexpress and the quality is almost always good. There are many nice watches so pick your favourite and remember to use DHL shipping for expensive replica goods. If any questions regarding watches, feel free to pm if you are in doubt about some Chinese replica watches, because I know some really good and serious sellers.


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