Replica Supreme Hoodies from Aliexpress and DHgate review

Most accurate supreme replicas made to date

As of late, there have been some amazing new developments in the replica industry. The products, I speak of, are newly updated replica Supreme hoodies and pullovers. I can’t find the shop anymore at Aliexpress but the same shop is present at HERE. It is the new super max perfect box logo hoodie and they are the most accurate supreme replicas made to date. Right next to retail, in terms of quality.

Only thing that should stop you from buying this replica Supreme hoodie is your size. If you are taller than 190cm you should find a shop selling xxl. It fits me in size xl and I am 184cm tall. Sizes are as most chinese imitation clothing a bit small, so please take notice of this and order a size bigger than normal. Go for a size xxl if possible. They should come around soon.

I have found some Replica Supreme clothing from trusted vendors at DHGate to make it even easier!

Use Dhgate to find fake Supreme hoodies and clothing

As you have probably noticed, it is very difficult to find a fake Supreme hoodie at Aliexpress. You can try and search for “sup hoodie” or “box logo hoodie” and sometimes you will find some but its more the rule that you don’t. Instead do the same searches and find fake Supreme clothing at – HERE

Another option is to use If you have already signed up at Aliexpress, you will automatically have an Alibaba account. There you can search for suppliers of replica Supreme clothing. Search for “sub hoodie” or box logo” hoodie. When you have found a supplier (make sure it is a gold supplier) then write an inquiry / contact the seller to buy 1 or more. You can read more about how to order at or go to and search for Supreme clothing..

How does DHgate work, is it safe?

DHgate is just as safe as Aliexpress and it works almost the completely same way. You can easily find high quality Supreme replicas and other copied trademarks. As with Aliexpress, there are many different shops and it is important to choose one with a high positive feedback. If you avoid vendors with bad feedback or no feedback at all you will also avoid getting scammed. The buying process is also the same at Your funds will not be released to the shop before you have received your fake Supreme hoodie, t-shirt etc.

Supreme Field pullover from Aliexpress

My post with the Kanye West designed Yeezy 750 boost replicas is very popular, so here is one more popular item from Kanye West. This is also of amazing quality and I think the company producing the original Supreme clothing should start to be worried: As replica items get more and more accurate, the collectors and consumers of authentic items will be faced with huge difficulties identifying replicas from authentics. Well, I can only say that if you want to make sure your clothing is original, buy it from the authorised shops. I you want to buy as good replicas as possible and at the best possible price – Then shop at I have put a picture of it on my mannequin in the bottom of the post and you can find the Supreme Field pullover here.

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