5 replica watches from Aliexpress

Replica watches from Aliexpress

First I would like to state that I am not myself selling any replica watches. Neither am I benefitting or promoting this! I am just writing about where I have found the watches I have previously bought for my own use.

I recently received a notice that I am selling fake watches from my website and I am definitely NOT! I am writing this because I am not responsible for the choices that you (my readers) choose to make online after reading this.. And to clearly state that I am not engaged in selling, distributing nor promoting replica / fake watches to anyone..

I have removed the names, pictures and logos of any brand watches so I am not infringing the trademark law..

In Denmark it is legal to buy a fake watch for your own use and therefore I want share with you where I have found them and how good they look.

Best places to buy replica watches

The best places to look for replica watches are the quite similar sites, Aliexpress and Dhgate. Or you can visit Megawatches which sells really high end replica watches. You can also use Alibaba.com (you automatically have an account there if you have already signed up at Aliexpress.com) and contact a supplier. If you want to find replicated watches on DHGate, Aliexpress or Alibaba you need to search for the model name – Lets say a watch is called Audi a4, then the model is “a4” and you just search for that.. Or to make a broader search, you search for aaa watches, famous brand watches or something similar. I have found a selection of nice replica watches from DHGate which you can browse below:

At Aliexpress it has become difficult to find any replica watches

At Aliexpress they are making it hard to to find good trusted replica watch sellers because they detect and delete them very fast. Therefore many sellers have moved their shops to DHGate.com which is quite similar – Or read my post on how to find watches at Alibaba.com.

If you search the net for a replica watch review, you will find that buying a popular watch as a knockoff is easy. But buying a good replica is sometimes harder.  Beneath are 5 of my favourite watches: Because I can’t display any pictures nor write any names, models etc, I have found some nice alternatives instead. To buy a high end quality knockoff watch, you should visit Megawatches or DHGate.com

Paul Newman replica watch

It was inspired by racecar drivers and enthusiasts. Most notably, iconic actor Paul Newman. It is one of the more expensive watches and it has been iconic for centuries.

If I was to buy a genuine one, I would choose this. There are many different replicas to choose from online but I like the silver one the best. replica watches online Here is a nice Day tona model from Aliexpress (check it out). If you just make a search for “Day bona” at Aliexpress you will most likely find alternatives but sometimes also replicas. Alternatively you can visit DHgate.com, which is very similar to Aliexpress, and search the same way there!

TH formula 1 replica watch

TH is one of the most well-known Swiss watches for stylish men. Known for their design, TH is never a follower but always a leader in men’s fashion. They combine style and function.

As a popular brand associated with racing, many purchase the watch because of their accuracy to within 1/1000th of a second, making it the official timekeeper of the Indy Racing League. These timepieces are often the timekeeper for measuring time in the Olympic Games and racing series around the world and the F1 Monaco watch simply look amazing. replica watches Try searching for the replica watch model you like at Aliexpress.com or  DHGate.com and search there. Sometimes you have to write acronyms instead of using the real name!

Race models replica watch

I have never been super attracted to this brand but thet have one model that looks super cool. replica watches aliexpress You can find this watch in different colours but it is very difficult to find at Aliexpress.com. Instead you should use DHGate.com.

Yacht replica watch

The Yacht watch was unveiled in 2007 and first introduced in March 2010. I love that watch! replica watches ChinaI can recommend buying this model (HERE).

Limited edition replica watches

I have some difficulties finding these ones. Some of them are some extremely good looking timepieces. I found some top grade replicas over time which really looks genuine! If you know the specific model you are looking for then go to DHgate.com or Aliexpress and search for it. Remember to search for the model and leave out the brand name. Always choose a shop that has an excellent feedback for prior orders.

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