A complete guide to buy a Swiss replica watch online

Here I will give you the best tips and options for buying replica watches online. There are a lot of sites selling them and they are all Chinese. It is very difficult to tell the difference between these websites. Many replica watch sites are also made by the same persons and many sites even get their replica watches from the same suppliers.  I am not myself selling these nor promoting them but I like to buy them. Another thing is that I dont like the Swiss watch companies but that’s another story. I am not allowed to mention any of the watch trademarks nor show pictures of them, so I will not refer to any specific Swiss watch brand or show any photos. Nevertheless I have some really good tips you will find handy if you are looking to buy a Swiss replica watch.

When buying imitation watches, you should also know the difference between the expensive replica watches and the cheap replicas.

Best websites to buy replica Swiss watches

After you know the differences between the replicas and decide what kind you want to buy, you should find a website you want to buy from. As many other people I used to buy my knockoff watch from Aliexpress but unfortunately these days are over. It is practically impossible to find any vendors at Aliexpress offering these kind of products anymore. All the swiss replica watches have been replaced by Chinese lookalikes. Nothing bad to say about them but if you are looking for a Swiss replica watch these a practically useless. If you by luck happen to stumble upon a seller at Aliexpress who sells fake watches you will most likely not be able to read any kind of feedback of these. Vendors are closed down on dali basis which means that the shops you will find only have been active for a very short period of time. This means no orders which again means no feedback.

3 websites where you can buy fake Swiss watches that are amazing

But do not worry. There are other solid options available online. I use 3 different sites to buy watches from. My choice of the day depends on the quality I am looking for. If I want to buy a fairly cheap replica watch I use DHgate.com which is more or less same as Aliexpress. Lots of vendors offering to sell you a fake Swiss watch. Lots of feedback to guide you when you want to make up your mind about which watch to choose. Just search for the model (leave out the brand) you are looking for and you will quickly find some different options to choose from. Most vendors has removed the names and logos from the watches because it is essentially illegal for them to sell replicas like at Aliexpress. Nevertheless most of the watches are replicas and not some Chinese lookalike brands.

For the expensive watches I mainly use Pursevalley. Pursevalley is a little expensive but I have always been happy with their products and services. They have a fairly reasonable feedback at trustpilot as well. Even better than Aliexpress and DHgate. Not many replica websites can brag about that.

I have also bought two watches from Megawatch.cn which is also a nice site. Little cheaper that Pursevalley but did not receive fast response for some inquiries  I had. I like to have questions answered fast, especially when I spend money on a fake watch on a Chinese website.

DHGate is the best portal for fake Swiss watches

Aliexpress and DHGate are similar sites with many different vendors selling watches. Aliexpress used to be the best of the two sites but DHgate has definitely overtaken Aliexpress if you are looking for replica products.

When you are buying a replica watch from DHgate you are pretty safe in terms of receiving a product. Your money is held back until you have received your product. It is the same procedure as on Aliexpress. You will also be able to buy the watch from a vendor that has a lot of feedback for the watch you want to buy. This really narrows down the possibility of being scammed.

I have handpicked some nice replicas from trusted shops below.

Good shops at DHgate for Swiss replica watches

The good shops are quite easy to find. Type in and search for the Swiss watch model you are looking for at DHgate and sort the results by bestselling or customer reviews. Normally the best vendors will come up first anyway. I solely use Jason007 watch store since I used to buy from him at Aliexpress. The watches are perfect knockoffs and he offers a good service. Return policy is unfortunately kind of a no go when you buy products from China and in the unlikely event that you receive a damaged watch you have to settle compensation in another way than returning it. Jason007 watch store is reasonable to argue with and I had a 50% discount for a watch because another one I bought just stopped running after one month. This has happened to 1 out of 5 Swiss replica watches I have bought from him.

Pursevalley is the best website focused on knockoff watches

As mentioned earlier Pursevalley is the best option if you want a high end Swiss replica watch. The website is a super easy to navigate. You have all the different imitation watches gathered in one site. This makes it incredible easy to find and buy your desired fake watch. They even have different choices for movements in the different replica models. Only disadvantage is the price. They only sell high end knockoffs, which makes that website the most expensive choice.

Nonetheless, I have only received super beautiful Swiss replicas from them and they have an incredible reliant and fast customer service. To be fair, I actually returned one watch, which was running slow. Normally a return is a no go to China but they provided me with an address and instructions. I packed it up and returned it.. After 2 weeks I received a new perfect one. I paid for the return shipping via DHL, which set me back another $38.. However, these circumstances could easily have been the same with Aliexpress, DHgate or any other Chinese website. Here I know the guidelines but at Aliexpress and DHgate it is up to the conscience of a specific shop. We are dealing with an illegal business and therefore you cannot expect everything to be spot on every time. Therefore you need a really satisfactory customer service because it will save you money in the long run. Especially with replica products where they are not always as expected.