Kanye west – Fake Yeezy clothing from Aliexpress

Fake Yeezy clothing from Aliexpress

I have made several posts about fake Yeezy shoes but I know that Kanye’s Yeezy hoodies and t-shirts are popular as well. So here I will explain how to find cheap fake Yeezy hoodies and t-shirts at Aliexpress.

Quality of fake Yeezy hoodies and t-shirts

My general impression of the replica Yeezy clothing you can find at Aliexpress, is good. For a fake Yeezy hoodie of good quality, you need to pay at least 20$ and up. In addition to that, it is important to order one size larger, than you normally would. Even though these fake Yeezy hoodies have been produced for the Western market, they are still quite small in size. This almost counts for all clothing at Aliexpress. It actually makes no sense, since the replica clothing is almost only ordered by Westernes.

Finding replicas Yeezy clothing at Aliexpress

As all other brands at Aliexpress, Yeezy clothing such as hoodies and t-shirts have acronyms. Either you can search for the specific Yeezy brand with acronyms or you can make a broader search for that type of clothing. This post will give specific acronyms for finding fake Yeezy clothing. If you want to find more brands within this type of clothing, then read my post about finding brand categories at Aliexpress.

Fake yeezy hoodie and t-shirt acronyms

Below is a list of good acronyms to use, in order to find fake Yeezy clothing.

All these search options should supply you with a lot of results, at least for the moment.
Yeezus tour merchandise fake yeezy merchandise

Above is a link to some of Kanye’s Yeezus Tour merchandise / clothing which is also very popular. I will try to make a post about that as well in near future. But finding that, is kinda same acronyms as for fake yeezy hoodies or fake Yeezy t-shirts.